Breakfast Should Not Be Eaten Like This
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Breakfast Should Not Be Eaten Like This

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More and more people are aware that not eating breakfast is harmful to the body. We must eat breakfast, but we also should pay attention to how we should eat. Inappropriate breakfast eating habits will also damage your health and take away your joy. There are several very popular and common habits of eating breakfast. You have to remember: you cannot eat like this!

Eating habit one: savor the breakfast

Breakfast content: leftovers, or leftover fried rice, leftover boiled noodles, etc.

Popular reason: many “mothers” of the family will prepare more when cooking at dinner, and the next morning they will cook fried rice for children and their families, or heat the rest of the meal. This breakfast is easy make, the content is rich, and it is not different from a meal basically, usually considered nutritious

Expert Comment: if the leftover food is overnight, the vegetables may produce nitrous acid (a carcinogen), which may be harmful to human health after being eaten.

Recommendation: Do not eat leftover vegetables as possible as you can; if you want to use the left other foods for breakfast, be sure to preserve well to avoid deterioration; when taking food out from the refrigerator, the food should be heated throughly.

Eating habit two: fast food breakfast

Breakfast content: a variety of Western-style fast food

Popular reason: Western-style fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, etc., has always been the preferences of fashion crowd. And a lot of fast food restaurants now also offer western-style breakfast, such as hamburgers and coffee or milk, tea, convenient and tastes good.

Expert Comment: This high-calorie breakfast can easily lead to obesity; deep-fried foods may harm the body if being consumed long term. If you eat Western-style fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner must be consumed low-calorie food. In addition, there is nutritional imbalance in such a Western-style breakfast: the heat is relatively high, but often lacks the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Recommendation: if you select the Western-style fast food for breakfast, you should add fruits or vegetable soup, etc., in order to maintain nutritional balance, and ensure the intake of nutrients. Moreover, this breakfast should not be consumed for a long time.

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