Breast Augmentation in India Necessity or Vanity
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Breast Augmentation in India Necessity or Vanity

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Silicon implants and breast augmentation are not new terms in India any more. It was initially a process of body correction and cosmetic repair of looks via surgery for people with various deformities or medical problems. Today, it is a way to have a better body than god gave us with some help from the expert hands of a cosmetic surgeon. From bigger muscles to larger fuller breasts, men and women all over the world avail to such easy ways to get a more desirable body. In a country like India, sometimes, such breast surgery comes from necessity rather than merely beautification.

Being a majorly orthodox country, a woman with bodily imperfections or lesser endowments would find it next to impossible to find a suitable groom. As backward and sexist as it may sound, as a part of our cultural mores, we have to accept such uncomfortable facts. Here, technology, medicine, and expert surgeons can be the miraculous saviors. They ensure that silicon or saline implants, and cosmetic correction allow every woman’s body to be perfected under the knife. With modern techniques and surgical procedures, these are invisible surgeries without any scars or clues of scalpel work.

There are primarily two different types of breast surgery implantsused today. Both are FDA certified, and you can choose according to your budget.

The Saline Implants – These were the first medically acceptable and successful way for breast augmentation. These are saltwater implants in a special silicon shell which behave like natural breast tissue from the inside and do not feel or appear unnatural. However, these do not last as long as the latest silicon implants, and sag or deflate over time in some cases.

The Silicon Implants – Certified by the US FDA, these silicon sacs can be round, circular, or the more anatomically suited ‘teardrop’ shaped implants. They are permanent, and do not have a time line, because they never deflate or ripple like Saline implants.

Before you walk to the doctor for such a complex surgery, remember, that these are cosmetic medical procedures. They cost a lot, and you shouldn’t be surprised about the bill. However, there is comfort in knowing that breast augmentation in India is now a common and very successful form of surgery. While results may vary according to an individual patient’s body, health, and lifestyle maintenance; breast surgery is a way for women with imperfections to walk into the light with pride.

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