Bright Colored Ceramics May Have High Metal Concentration
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Bright Colored Ceramics May Have High Metal Concentration

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Experts pointed out that people should be aware of the excessive metal concentration in buying and using crockery tableware. Ceramic has smooth texture, bright colors and exquisite designs, so it is favored by many families to become tableware. But few people know that the color ceramic glaze are often added lead, mercury, radium, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals to ensure the bright colors.

According to the decorative pattern of ceramic tableware, it could be divided into overglaze color, underglaze color and in-glaze color. The craft of overglaze color is relatively simple, so its price is of course cheaper than the other two sides. The lead, cadmium and other toxins mainly comes from the overglaze color. They are very harmful to human body. Therefore, it is better not to choose ceramic tableware of overglaze color, especially do not buy ceramic tableware of colored inner wall.

In addition to faience, the ceramic whiteware also has the possibility of high concentration of heavy metals. If the clay could not meet the safety standard, it could also lead to lead poisoning and other diseases. Some ceramic products sold in the market could not meet the standard, and the dissolving content of lead and cadmium is even ten times of the prescribed regulation.

Before we purchase the products, we should check whether the inner wall is smooth and scrape with fingernail. If the textures and refractions of different parts are dissimilar, and we could scrape out the glaze, the products are prone to be of poor quality.

The new bought ceramic tableware should be boiled in water for 5 minutes or soak in white vinegar for 2 to 3 hours to dissolve out the harmful substances in tableware. If you find that the color changes obviously, it should be abandoned. Ceramic tableware is better not to be put into microwave.

Do not use ceramic tableware to store acidic foods and juices, wine, coffee and other beverages for long time. With the longer time of storing acid foods or beverage and rising temperature, the possibility of lead dissolution becomes higher.

When we choose tableware, we should not only notice the materials but also pay attention to the safety degree so that we can use them trustingly.

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