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Budget Hotels Staying at Delhi

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Delhi the capital city and the business, political and tourist hub of our country is the place where everybody few hundreds of people flock for various reasons. People from all parts of the world and are seen at the city.

Attracting so many people from different parts and different walks of life not only creates lots of business opportunities but also increases the responsibility of the city to cater to all the needs of the various different visitors with different attitude, different spending abilities and different reasons for the visit to the city.

Factors influencing accommodation decisions:

The main things that are needed to be thought of while visiting a city are stay and food. Some of the staying criteria that influence the stay options of an individual are as follows:

1. Want to stay close to the place where the predefined work place is. For example if a person is in delhi to meet someone who has agreed to meet at Paharganj, the person would prefer to stay at or near Paharganj.

2. Prefer to stay near the shopping area.

3. Prefer to stay near railway station.

4. Prefer to stay near airport.

5. Spending ability.

6. Need based. For example if a person is in delhi for a night for a specific reason, he may prefer to stay in an economical accommodation though has the ability to spend.

Let’s have a look at the various options available at Delhi. Along with all the 5 star hotel there are loads of budget hotels that fit into various monetary range:

Paharganj Hotels Delhi: Paharganj the most popular spot in Delhi is a place for many wholesale businessmen and for shopping. Thus, it not only attracts businessmen but also attracts lots of tourists. The Paharganj area is flooded with various hotels that have various stay packages. Some hotels lend rooms for an overnight stay and the regular tariffs also are available. The hotel rooms also differ in size and in facilities. There are rooms that are just sufficient in size and have the minimum amenities unlike the 5 star hotels that have flashy outlook and various luxuries. The hotel tariffs range from 1500-6000.

Budget Hotels in Delhi: Many people from outstation prefer to stay near the railway station so that managing the luggage and reaching the station becomes easy. And that to in a city like Delhi where traffic jams are quiet common it is better to stay close to the station. People from different walks of life travel in train. A poor as well as a rich man both can be found in a train. With this view there are many budget and expensive hotels in and around station. There also exist hotels that give rooms on hourly basis. This unique feature is very useful and economical for those who would just like to freshen up and leave as they may be returning back the very day.

Thus, finding a stay matching your need in Delhi is very easy. All you need to do is some search about the hotels and their tariffs.

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