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Career Opportunities in Law and Legal Field

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Law career offers various job opportunities in India. If you wish to make your career in law field, there are some excellent positions available for law graduates in Government of India like Assistant (Legal), Superintendent (Legal), Assistant Legal Advisor, Deputy Advisor, Additional Legal Advisor, Joint Secretary & Legal Advisor and Central Govt. Advocates in Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta.

Law examination takes place periodically as when the vacancies occur. A candidate has to fill up an application form with a certain amount of application fee. The examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

The various posts filled through the above examinations are those of the Magistrate, Munsif/Sub-Magistrate, Public Prosecutor and the like. Description of functions/duties related to these posts is as follows:

Magistrate: Magistrate presides over criminal court, decides cases and delivers judgment on judicial matters filed in or transferred to his court.

Public Prosecutor: Govt. Pleader/ Govt. Council represents State in sessions courts and lends advice to officers in districts in all legal matters when called for. He studies records of case sent to Sessions Courts by Trial Magistrate and ensures against Emissions and Commissions and irregularities, which might vitiate proceeds in Court.

Solicitor: Generally advises the Government on legal matters and submits statement of important cases to Attorney-General of India for his opinion or appearance in the Supreme Court as necessary.

Attorney General: Attorney General of India is appointed by the president. He holds office during the pleasure of the President. By qualifications he must be fit enough to be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court. His duties include advising the Government of India on such legal matters as may be assigned to him by the President. He has the right of audience in all courts of India. He can also participate in the proceedings of Parliament without the right to vote. Attorney General is a tested by a solicitor General and Additional Solicitor General in the proper performance of his duties.

Advocate General: Similar to the post of Attorney General at Centre each State has an Advocates General appointed by the respective State Governors. He has all those duties and rights in the State, which his senior counterparts enjoy in the Centre.

The Notary, Oath Commissioner: A Notary is a legal practitioner of at least ten years standing in the profession. He is appointed on application Central State Government to draw, verify authenticate certify and attest the execution of any deed by virtue of his office. Similar to the Notary, there is another established authorized called the ‘Oath Commissioner’. An Oath Commissioner is also authorized to attest the various type of document by charging some fee duly permitted by Law.

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