Cartouche: A Parchment Paper Lid to Cook Food to Perfection
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Cartouche: A Parchment Paper Lid to Cook Food to Perfection

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An Irish Proverb says, ‘Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.’ Yes, of course, food can change one’s mood, that’s why people these days name certain foods as their comfort foods. It’s a well-known fact that we work hard and earn to feed oneself and our families. Being in a modern era, people come up with a wide variety of cuisines with different cooking techniques that people enjoy the most. Behind every delicious recipe there lies skilful cooking, which is done by the experts or home cooks. The cooking technique that has gained its momentum these days is the ‘Cartouche,’ which is nothing but a lid made using Printed greaseproof paper to cover the food while cooking. Let’s see in detail about the cartouche that is made out of custom printed greaseproof paper. What Are Cartouche And Its Impact On Food While Cooking? People who love baking will be familiar with parchment paper or Printed greaseproof paper. This paper has multiple uses and benefits. Cartouche is a round parchment paper placed directly on top of food during cooking for an efficient and even cooking. The cartouche traps steam directly on top but still allowing it to escape around the edges of the paper, for a perfectly cooked food item the light coating of glaze that you desire. This type of cooking is not possible with the conventional lid, although it partially traps some steam, the cuisine isn’t even, fast, or consistent. For cooking stew or a braise you require some browning and evaporation for flavour development. In those cases, if a traditional lid is deployed, most of the steam released by the food is trapped in the vessel. This hinders the temperature and water drips-off onto the surface of the stew, which seriously slowdowns that process. It also prevents liquids from evaporating and reducing. Benefits of Cartouche - Slows down the rate of evaporation, which maintains moistness and a steady temperature. - Can be placed directly on top of a sauce, soup or protein and prevents the unwanted surface skin formation. How to Make a Cartouche - Cut a greaseproof paper into a square shape, larger than the pot - Fold that square into half, two times. - Fold square formed along the diagonal to form a triangle, for a couple of times. - Use scissors to trim the wedge. - Snip off the tip of the wedge. Thus enjoy a delightful meal with the cartouche cooking technique.
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