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Celebrity Fashionable Epic Wins

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It’s not often we get to associate Lindsey Logan with smart choices, but this last year she took her fashion sense from Disney hooker senseless to pretty amazing. She looks dashing in these Chanel sunglasses, the perfect look for her skin, hair and body composition. She may have been in and out of jail, in and out of rehab more times than Amy Winehouse, and in and out of relationships, but Lindsey stayed firmly fashionable in 2011, an impressive feat for a girl with so many distractions.

Another epic fashion win was performed by Kate Middleton, the pending Queen of England. Her wedding gown was absolutely gorgeous and she looked as stunning in regal in that as any queen should. But what’s more impressive is the way she uses affordable fashion she buys off the street and combines these looks with high-end gear. She’s beautiful in a way that allows this kind of layering, but it also gives her a edge of relating to the population that most don’t have with royalty. She’s one of the top epic wins of the year.

Michelle Obama is also near the top of the fashion pile thanks to her similarly high and low-brow fashion looks. She was spotted shopping at Target in store-brand clothing and a baseball cap a few days after an official function at the white house where she was clad head-to-toe in designer digs. Any woman who can live in both worlds gets props from us, and her addiction to trying new looks that are slightly more edgy than previous first ladies is applauded.

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