Checklists to clean your new home before you move-in!
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Checklists to clean your new home before you move-in!

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Although we love shifting to a new house, be it a rented one or a new home, moving itself is a stressful job! From searching your new home to packing all your belongings to shifting, there are a lot of stressful responsibilities you would have. Before your things arrive, giving your new home a good cleaning to remove germs and dirt left behind by the previous owners is very important. Hiring a professional house cleaning Randwick will help reduce most of your stress, helping you focus only on packing and shifting rather on cleaning! Why having a checklist for cleaning is a must? Having a clear checklist will help you prioritise cleaning. The professional cleaning services Maroubra will come with a list however when you have yours you can ensure everything is neat for you to move in. When you are sure, the house is clean, on the move-in day you can arrive with complete peace of mind to feel the new space like your home. Here are some checklists which will help you whether you are hiring a professional service or trying your own hand. The kitchen: One of the toughest jobs is cleaning the kitchen. You should ensure every surface is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Hiring a cleaning service who will give the kitchen a good clean will help you prepare your first family dinner a breeze. Kitchen – checklist: - Clean in and outside of the cabinet - Clean all the appliances - Dust the top of the cabinets and refrigerator - Wipe down the walls to remove food and grease stains - Clean behind the refrigerator and stove - Clean and sanitize the sink - Sweep and mop the floor The bathroom: As we all know, the bathroom is one of the dirtiest and most used places in a home. It is essential that you clean it thoroughly and disinfect it. It is quite a tough job, leave it to professionals who will scrap down your bathroom and ensure it is disinfected and cleaned properly. Bathroom checklist: - Disinfect the tub and shower - Sweep and mop the floor - Disinfect the toilet and try changing the seat. - Clean the medicine cabinet Other living spaces: A professional house cleaning Maroubra will give all the other living space a deep clean making it easier to maintain them once you start living in there. Here are a few items you should take care to ensure your living spaces are clean. Living spaces checklist: - Wipe down baseboards and walls - Clean windows and window treatments - Vacuum carpets - Sweep and scrap hardwood floors These are just a small checklist for you to cross check. The professional cleaning services will come with a brief one and ensure your house is clean from top to toe.
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