Chicago Residents Four Reasons to get a Bachelors Degree in Psychology
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Chicago Residents Four Reasons to get a Bachelors Degree in Psychology

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Choosing what to study in college comes easy for some, and not so easy for others. Those wondering whether psychology schools in Chicago are right for them have much to consider. There are many reasons to complete a bachelor’s program, and many benefits to doing so. While a degree is not a guarantee of employment, many graduates find rewarding benefits after completing their education. These benefits are often the top reasons to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Sense of Personal Accomplishment

A sense of accomplishment can be one of the top reasons to attend a school of psychology. Finishing a bachelor’s degree program can take time and dedication, and reaching the goal of graduation can instill a sense of accomplishment in many students. From this point, you may also choose to go on to earn higher degrees in psychology.

Variety of Options

Variety and specialization offer another reason to choose psychology schools in Chicago. There are many different paths in this career choice to select from. Some may wish to pursue advanced degrees in the hopes of entering private practice in general psychology while others may wish to get into specialty fields or career options. This may include criminal psychology or working with children.

Better Understand Human Behavior

Chicago students finding themselves fascinated with the mind and how it works often choose a school of psychology. This interest often includes wondering why people behave the way that they do or how group dynamics work. An inquisitive mind is often essential to success and growth in psychology. Students who have a strong desire to make a difference and learn about how people work often do well in this field.

Learn Real World Skills

Students who complete a bachelor’s in psychology in Chicago are not allowed by state law to pursue clinical work directly with patients. Direct clinical contact usually requires a masters or doctorate degree, so students who wish to work as therapists or counselors will have to move on to advanced degrees in specialized fields of psychology.

Students who are ready to enter the Chicago area workforce can pursue a variety of career options. The critical thinking and analytical skills learned through a bachelor’s program can equip graduates to work everywhere from retail environments to human resources departments. Psychology graduates can be found in sales, marketing, insurance, public relations, advertising, and just about every field in between.

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