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Children Dentistry - Baby Teeth Matters

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Crankiness, Sleepless Nights, drooling! Are you wondering how such tiny teeth can cause much big fuss? All these uncomfortable period are forgotten when your baby gets his first teeth. Why? Well, indeed it is because your child is happier, and also you know how important the primary teeth are for your child’s growth. Some parents often think baby teeth don’t matter as they will eventually fall off. However, the truth is, baby teeth or primary teeth do matter. Baby teeth are essential for a child’s physical, emotional, and social development. Healthy baby teeth: According to dentist Kellyville, healthy baby teeth help your infants in many different ways which include: - Aid in speech development - Build self-confidence by offering a beautiful smile - Foster proper nutrition by helping with chewing action - Save space in the kid’s jaw that is needed for the proper development of permanent teeth - Enables children to pay good attention in school without the distraction of dental pain How to prevent cavities in baby teeth? Primary teeth can get cavities which may also develop dental infections in young children. Baby tooth decays are serious transmissible diseases which can spread quickly to other teeth and lead to infection without proper precautions. However, the good news is, early childhood cavities are preventable! Here are some tips from the best Kellyville dentist for preventing cavities in baby teeth. - Pregnant women should keep their oral cavity healthy by getting professional dental care and by practicing good oral hygiene which includes flossing, healthy diet, and brushing. This will reduce cavity germs transmission from mothers to their babies. - Use breast milk, water or formula in baby’s bottles. Never put sweet drinks or other juices in your baby’s bottle. Also, make sure you do not put your toddler to bed with a bottle unless it contains only water. Avoid giving juices and also limit snack time until he/she is 12 months old. - Provide only healthy snack such as peanut butter, meat, cut vegetables, cheeses, and fruits. Limit sweet intake. - Even before your toddler gets his first teeth, gently wipe his gums and inside of mouth every single day especially after feeding and before going to bed with a warm, clean cloth. - As soon as your baby’s first tooth appears, Brush it twice a day with a soft age-appropriate toothbrush and smear of fluoridated toothpaste. Hope these tips help you maintain your baby’s primary teeth, also make visits to Kellyville dental a routine for your baby so he will follow it right even after growing up.
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