Children Might As Well Talk About These Issues with Parents
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Children Might As Well Talk About These Issues with Parents

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Throughout the year, the day that children can sit together and chat with parents is not much, but sitting together watching television and small talk, to talk to their parents’ hearts, and such opportunities are even fewer. So you might as well talk about the following issues.

First, you can ask your parents: “Can you tell me the things about grandparents?” American thinker, Mumford said: Every generation are always against their fathers, but made ​​friends with their grandfathers. Many people do not understand their grandparents, or even seen them, but the family tradition and the blood is passed down from generation to generation. Look at the eyes of parents, what kind of person your grandparents are. From their story, you will find many similarities with your own stories; but also from those, you can know about the relationship between your parents and grandparents and play an important role on your own relationships with parents.

Second, you can ask your parents: “What do you look like as a child? Do I like you?” The famous French writer Mo Luoya’s “life of the five issues” with this statement: “Parents see their children first contact with the real life and encounter difficulties, they think of their past mistakes, and they will naively attempt to teach experience to them.” This is very common in the real world; parents would nag non-stop on some of our behavior, while the children are tired of this sermon. At this point, let the parents talk about their childhood, whether they have many common with you now. The study found that the more a person can learn about their parents in the past, the more to establish a more intimate relationship.

Third, you can also talk to your parents: “Do you remember the things when I was a child?” Europe has this saying: the feelings of father and son are different, the father’s love is his son himself, but the son’s love is to his father’s memories. In the eyes of parents, no matter how much the children and how successful, they are still children. So parents will never forget your bad or interesting things when you were a child. When they talk about this, the mind is eternal warmth. Let the parents talk about our past, not only will bring them great psychological satisfaction, but also makes us see that time the relationship with our parents through the memories, so as to enhance the understanding to parents.

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