Choose a Green Hotel When Traveling to Pittsburgh
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Choose a Green Hotel When Traveling to Pittsburgh

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Traveling green isn’t as hard as it used to be. More and more hotels and bed and breakfasts are recognizing the positive effects brought about by green travel and are more than willing to accommodate vacationers who practice it. Pittsburgh is one such city that has turned round to a “green” way of thinking.

How to Travel Green

What exactly is traveling green? It is the practice of traveling that focuses on being aware of the environment as you roam: you make certain that your impact on the environment is minimal, whether it’s by cutting down on plane rides and car trips, eating completely local or keeping up with your recycling. One way to emphasize your green traveling is to ensure that your hotel is Green Seal Certified.

Even if your hotel ascribes to green practices, be sure to keep up your own green behavior during your stay. Turn off everything electric when you leave your hotel room. Save water by reusing your sheets and towels rather than having them changed every day. Bring your own toiletries and drinking cup rather than using those provided by the hotel. Sort your trash and be sure to recycle, holding on to items until you find recycling facilities if necessary.

To see if a Pittsburgh hotel or business center you’re interested in is Green Seal Certified, search green hotels Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh green business center for a variety of options.

What is Green Seal Certification?

Accommodations that are officially considered to be green are Green Seal Certified, a reassuring fact when looking for a Pittsburgh green business center and/or lodging. In order to get Green Seal Certified, hotels must apply for an application at, where they can download the GS-33 Standard to see how their business measures up to Green Seal’s standards. A Green Seal certification staff comprised of environmental scientists and auditors will then inspect the property before awarding official certification.

Green Seal Certification proves that the hotel is focused on important Green Seal practices like minimizing waste, properly conserving and managing energy, managing fresh water resources and waste water, pollution prevention and engaging in environmentally sensitive purchasing. Hotels that are Green Seal Certified will receive a Green Seal certification mark, which they can display in their hotel or on their website.

So as you search the web for your eco-friendly home away from home in Pittsburgh, keep this phrase in mind: green hotels Pittsburgh!

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