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Choose The Right Kind Of Bar Stools

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A common variety among several bar stools is a wooden stool with three legs. However, introduction of many novel designs has resulted in this style becoming a little old-fashioned. Other than bars, these also find use in gaming areas, kitchen counters and dining tables. If one is looking to purchase a bar stool, here are a few factors to consider.

Typically, one can measure a bar stool by its seat’s height. Bar stools come in a variety of sizes, smallest one is 18 inch tall while the largest one is of height 36 inches. One should choose a bar stool about 10 to 12 inches shorter than the size of bar counter. Thus, an 18-inch stool goes well with a 30-inch high table. Women use these stools for bathroom vanity or at a dressing table. Bar tables, Gaming tables and Pool tables usually are about 40 inches in height. A bar stool with a seat height of about 30 inches is appropriate for this kind of usage. Bar counters more often than not stand about 35-36 inches high. Thus, a stool with a seat height about 24-26 inches typically works best with this size table. A 24-inch stool is most commonly use around the household.

Another consideration is how many bar stools one requires. One should also consider whether he or she wants to purchase a bar stool with back or a backless bar stool. Then again, one needs to consider the use that one intends to put it into. In addition, right selection of material with which the stool is manufacture, is equally important as well. The typical choice here is between wood, plastic, aluminum or a stool made of recycled materials. Leather, fabric, and vinyl are the choice of materials for comfortable seating. One also notices a combination of wood and rubber. Counter height stools look great in diner rooms, dressing room and restaurant and so on. They also prove as a convenient seating for everyday use. Moreover, they are ideal for all types of activities.

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