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Choose the Right Real Estate Agent to List Your Home in Murrysville PA

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Homeowners living in Murrysville, Pennsylvania needing to sell their property should consider many factors when choosing a listing agent. Aside from listing fees and advertising, finding the right real estate agent means getting a competitive edge over other Murrysville homes for sale.

Conduct Research

Residents wishing list their Murrysville, PA home for sale should look to an agent’s track record rather than relying on just recommendations, according to Crissie Cudd, a real estate agent located in Naples, Florida. Ms. Cudd warns homeowners against family and friend referrals because it not only biases your judgment, it may also cause a strain on the familial relationship or friendship.

Instead, look for an agent using the same criteria as looking for an insurance agent, an attorney or contractor. Check the local Better Business Bureau’s website, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Look up potential agent’s standing and credentials with the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh before listing your Murrysville home for sale.

One way to gauge a listing agent’s ability to sell a home is to attend local open houses. During the three to five hours the open house is hosted, you’ll have ample time to get a first-hand look at the listing agent’s presentation, recommends Elizabeth Weintraub, a licensed broker-associate in Sacramento, California. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask for other listings. You can drive by the real estate agents other listings and search the Internet for those particular properties to see how effective she is at marketing.

Dual Agencies

Another consideration for finding the right real estate agent to list your home in Murrysville, PA, is to avoid dual-agencies. These firms have brokers and salespersons which represent both the seller and buyer--which means they eventually serve their interest rather than their clients, warns Sylvia Booth Hubbard, writing on Bankrate. Dual agencies may not be selective enough of potential buyer’s sincerity and qualifications when representing residents in Murrysville PA homes for sale.

In addition to these qualifiers, you should know if the real estate agent your choosing has a comprehensive knowledge of both the Murrysville and neighboring areas as well as full access to the Multiple Listing Service or M.L.S., advises Moving.

Most of all, determine whether potential real estate agents understand your needs and situation as well as be able to explain the selling process in detail. Without this information, you may find your competition down the street or in a nearby neighborhood has an edge presenting other Murrysville PA homes for sale.

In short, don’t rush the decision to choose an agent in Murrysville. Make a list of pros and cons, weigh the facts and make an informed decision. Remember, all Murrysville homes for sale may be in the hands off different caliber real estate agents.

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