Choosing a Realtor in Bethel Park PA
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Choosing a Realtor in Bethel Park PA

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When looking to purchase a home, one of the most important preliminary decisions involves choosing a realtor. Ideal is one who proves to be an asset and a valued assistant in finding the perfect place to live. In a sense, during the looking and selection phase, a well chosen realtor should feel like a partner, both realtor and client “on the same page.“ The same holds true if planning to list a home on the market; then it is vital to have someone who sincerely represents seller interests and can offer practical suggestions for accelerating a sale. Fortunately, for those interested in buying or selling in that area of Pennsylvania, experienced Bethel Park realtors are ready to assist potential clients.

Bethel Park Real Estate Has Much to Offer

Bethel Park, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh and only ten miles from the city, is a residential community offering twelve square miles of rolling hills. Homes are set amidst tree-lined streets, where the average primary household income is $50,000 and above. With award-winning public schools and many styles and types of housing, Bethel Park MLS listings currently present variety and far-ranging choices. Choosing a realtor from a firm that uses the MLS system assures buyers and sellers of more options. The Multiple Listing Service, showcasing homes from many real estate firms, allows access to more homes for buyers. Accordingly, sellers have increased buyer traffic. Thus, it is advantageous either way, compared to only a single firm’s offerings or clients.

Bethel Park’s abundant shopping, dining, and recreational facilities, also ample community services and public works and a well developed public transportation system, make it attractive for those working in Pittsburgh but wishing to have a family-centered lifestyle when the workday ends. A strong business district of its own, balanced by eleven community parks, even a wave pool, assures a progressive atmosphere while not having to venture far for relaxing fun.

Realtors Informed of Family Needs Offer a Better Experience

While Bethel Park realtors are more than willing to point out all of the area’s assets to newcomers, if unfamiliar with the area, it is also important to let them know about a family’s primary concerns. With those in mind, it is easier for a realtor to take the numerous Bethel Park MLS listings and condense them, tailoring the list of home viewings to suit individual needs and wishes. With so many homes on the market, choosing a realtor in Bethel Park that is attuned to client needs assures a good experience and a happy outcome for home seekers and sellers alike.

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