Choosing between Gas and Electric Remote Control Helicopters
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Choosing between Gas and Electric Remote Control Helicopters

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Most people are normally conflicted when it comes to choosing between the gas and electric remote control helicopters. The main reason why most people find it hard to choose between the two types of remote control helicopters is that they both in the extreme ends of the remote control flying experience.

For instance, electric helicopters are mainly used by those who are beginners in RC helicopter navigation. They are quite easy to work with and to navigate.  The only noise that they make is a very gentle hum that distracts no one, therefore, making them very suitable to be flown in the park without causing much of a distraction. Additionally, they are powered by a rechargeable battery therefore; you will not have to go through the inconvenience of running out of battery as long as the battery s electrically charged from time to time.

When it comes to price, the electric remote controlled helicopter is moderately cheaper than the gas remote control helicopter. It is consequently a viable option if you are looking for an affordable remote controlled helicopter. The electric remote control helicopters afford its pilot the convenience and simplicity that they need in order to enjoy flying it out and about.

The gas remote control helicopter, on the other hand, is way more complex. It has an actual gas engine that powers it. The engine is the one responsible for the noise that characteristic of gas powered remote control helicopters. The fact that it is powered by an engine, which has the same noisy drone of the real helicopters, only adds to its appeal. Those who buy the gas remote control helicopter are almost always willing to overlook it expensive cost and noise due to this appeal. The gas remote controlled helicopter, not only requires an experienced remote control pilot, it requires the pilot’s whole and undivided attention. Since, flying it requires so much concentration and attention to detail, it makes for the perfect past time activity. In doing so, it enables the pilot to forget about life’s stresses for the duration that the pilot is navigating it, consequently allowing the pilot to enjoy the experience.

There is always the need to upgrade to a more sophisticated and harder level. Gas remote controlled computers can be considered to be stepping stones to learning how to effectively fly the ultra light remote control helicopter. The ultra light helicopter is always a challenge to most remote control navigators because it needs someone to pay keen attention to flying it. While those who have been flying the other types of remote control helicopters besides the gas RC helicopter, may be struggling to fly this ultra light helicopter, those who have the gas RC helicopter will have a much easier time.

Bottom line, the electric and gas helicopters both have their advantages. It is important that a person chooses the type that most suits his or her needs. Those who prefer a more hands on flying experience can go ahead and purchase the gas remote control helicopter. For the more relaxed RC pilots, who prefer simplicity and convenience, then the electric remote control helicopter is what they should opt for.

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