Choosing The Top Hotels in Berkshire
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Choosing The Top Hotels in Berkshire

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Berkshire is very famous for the beautiful green lands and the great big castles. The Windsor castle alone is a good reason to visit Berkshire and many visitors come to Berkshire to see the castle as well as some other beauties. Therefore the hotels in Berkshire has developed to the level of international class of service there are just too many hotels to not to find the one of your taste.

Castle and fields are not the only attractions of this place. You can also try boating and canoeing in the river that is running in the northern part of the city. Right beside that place of immense fun, you will find enough hotels of different categories and tastes, which will be enough to offer a place matching your taste.

The Cantley House Hotel in the Milton road is an ideal with an aristocratic outlook and good service. It is near the Berkshire park land. The building is not only beautiful, but also carrying the sign of historic architectural beauty. The beauty is not only on the outside of the hotel, you will find the beauty also in the interior. All the furniture and designs are unique and service is unique. You can also try the Milton restaurant, which offers quality English food with all the modern facilities.

If you are thinking of spending some luxurious time with elite facilities, Cliveden should be on top of the list. It is one of the best hotels in Berkshire. You will get everything you expect from a hotel including service, facilities and comfort. It has some unique features differentiating itself from the other hotels. For example, you will be welcomed here with soft melodious music and beautiful flower fragrance. The hotel is already on the list of hotels with best customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a hotel with river Thames as the window view, you will have a good number of hotels too. The Swan at Streatley Hotel is one of the bests of this list. The environment of this hotel inside and outside is very attractive and both food and service are of high standard. The menu has quite a variation for experimenting and the European menu for dinner and lunch is also very interesting. You can also have drinks while enjoying the breath taking views of the river.

Another hotel on the bank of this river is the French Horn. It does not only provide you with rooms, but also offers some cottages on the riverside with a considerable rate. You might find the bedrooms a bit influenced from the nearby villages, but do not worry about the comfort and facilities. You will get variations in the food menu and quality in the service like any other standard hotel at a reasonable price.

There are some more historically famous hotels in Berkshire like the Carnarvon Arms and the Elephant hotel. Staying on these hotels you will return to the old days of the empire and relax with all the modern day facilities. There are many other hotels that will suite with your choice in Berkshire and make your experience a wonderful one.

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