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Civil litigation attorney to over come your problem

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Litigation attorneys, also known as “litigators” or “trial lawyers” are the attorneys that defend individual or companies on civil cases. A litigation attorney manages all the phases of the litigation process including the investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

The responsibilities of a litishpriscigation attorney vary depending on whether the litigation attorney is representing the plaintiff or the defendant.

Preliminary steps taken by a civil litigation lawyer:

First of all, the litigation lawyer should examine very carefully all the evidences of the case. This is one of the most important aspects of the case.

The following steps are part of the process:

  • Locating witnesses.
  • Taking witness statements.
  • Gathering documents.
  • Interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute.

A Civil Litigation Attorney always tries to solve the case by a pre- litigation settlement before taking a case to the court.

In order to defend their clients, civil litigation attorneys may submit a variety of pleadings and motions. In response to the pleading submission, the attorneys investigate the allegations of the lawsuit so that they can form the response properly.


The next step is the discovery process where the parties exchange relevant information and the litigation attorney looks for the physical evidence.

During the discovery process, the following means are used:

  • Interrogatories.
  • Depositions.
  • Requests for production of documents.
  • Requests for admission.

 After that, the litigation attorneys advise and prepare their clients to the lawsuit.

Final Lawsuit:

Like said before, the civil litigation attorneys aim to solve the case before taking it to the court. However, when the parties don’t accept the proposed agreement, the case goes to trial. In that case, the attorneys have to present the case in front of a judge and work hard to get a positive client result.

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