Civil Process Plus Nationwide Process Service for Judicial procedures
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Civil Process Plus Nationwide Process Service for Judicial procedures

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When you pay for a professional judicial service, you expect results. You also want it to be cost effective and one that helps you to be successful. Civil Process Plus is just the right firm you are looking for.

Civil Process Plus has been providing professional, cost effective, proven and competent personal service for Judicial Process. We have emerged successful where others have failed. We have built discerning and strong relationships with over 650 Attorney clients and it includes the well known names too.

Our competent team of staff Certified Process Servers employ some of the most resourceful strategies and skills to carry out effective service on particular people. They include “professional” defendants, hostile witnesses, the rich and famous, recording artists, movie stars, politicians, foreign and dissolved corporations, evasive dead-beat dads and delinquent tenants in residential and commercial evictions.

Our constant aim is to strive to exceed not only your expectations but our own too, and that is why we deliver successful results that are next to none. However, we don’t do this at the expense of value.

Civil Process Plus offers Three Levels of Service, like Same Day Priority, Rush and Standard. Same Day Priority is attempted within 90 minutes of receipt. Rush is attempted within 24 hours and Standard service is attempted within 2 business days of receipt.

From the year 1991, Civil Process Plus has also provided Nationwide Process Service, in all 50 States, Puerto Rico and in the Virgin Islands. We also invite you to consult us for the service of Letters Rogatory under The Hague or other International Treaties and Conventions, should your Defendant be living abroad.

One of the disadvantages that come with owning income producing property is nonpayment of rent or dues. Well, you need not worry about that anymore as we have been successfully evicting clients since 1991. We serve RUSH Evictions and also provide Litigation Support Services to over 650 members of the South Florida Bar. We have Court Certified and Sherriff Appointed Process Servers who are absolutely dedicated to do the Eviction Process. These are thoroughly supported and complemented by our experienced Legal Couriers, Mobile Notaries and Typists to process RUSH Evictions. We provide these efficient services not just for our Attorneys but also for individual landlords as well.

In the olden times, since 1776, All fl process server, Civil and Criminal Cases were archived inside Manila File Folders, but not anymore. Federal Law has made it mandatory for Electronic Court Filings, now possible due to modern day technology.

This has resulted in 100% Paperless Federal Courthouses. Florida’s 67 Circuit and County Courts are next in line for a Paperless Office. The end of the year will also probably see Family, Circuit, County and Probate cases with Electronic Filings. Electronic Filings will be inevitable for the 11th Judicial Circuit and soon Miami-Dade County will be 100% paperless. We are Future Ready now for all Electronic Filings.

Civil Process Plus has catered to Attorney’s practicing in Federal Court for years and we have accepted their judicial process electronically. Today, we offer the same efficient service and convenience to State Court Attorneys by accepting their subpoenas, summons, complaints, writs of garnishment, orders and injunctions, electronically.

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Civil Process Plus is a cost effective, proven and competent fl process server firm since 1991. We serve RUSH Evictions and also support Litigation Services to over 650 members of the South Florida bar. We also offer electronic filing as Federal Law has made it mandatory to make electronic filings.

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