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ClearEDGE Tips For Success Part 1

Published by: Deborah Dubree (5)
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Tip #1 - Build Your Foundation for Success

Building an unshakable foundation is one of the most important aspects of success. Know what you want, why you want it and by when. At ClearEDGE we start every client out with this all important step regardless if I am working withleadership training activities,executive coaching programs, or sports mental toughness. We go deep to discover the long, mid and short term goals. Then we build a step by step plan to ensure you achieve the success you’ve been dreaming about. With a step by step plan, your chance of success skyrockets.

Step one is a short term performance based goal. Athletes are all about competition, so this is a simple way to compete with yourself and improve your performance.

Example: What do you want?Answer: I want to win!

This sounds like a good goal, right? This is the mistake so many athletes and coaches make. Winning is the grand goal. It’s the end result. It’s what you are working toward. If you focus on, “I want to win,“ your mind has a hard time knowing how to make that happen. It’s not specific. Your mind loves to solve problems, so the trick is to give it something you can ‘wrap your mind around.’

In a performance based goal we look at, ‘What will it take to reach that greater goal - win?“ We both know that the best way to win is to improve your performance. Here is the first step to becoming more consistent, confident and certain in your performance … so you win more often.

Steps to Success

What is one specific area of your performance that you can focus on right now? Choose an area that has been giving you trouble or choose one that you already do well, but can really catapult your performance when done with greater accuracy or consistency.

Remember, be specific. Here are some ideas: I have greater focus when shooting free-throws and improve my stats by 15%. I improve my pre-competition routine and practice it every time. I work on my short game (golf) and cut two strokes off my game. I will visualize my target and improve my stats by 10%. You get the idea.

For now, name one area that will improve your performance. Practice it. Get it down. Then pick another area.

Tip #2 is Know Your Thoughts!

Sports psychology based programs will tell you to continue to focus on your performance based goals stay aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts can make or break your performance.

“You’re so stupid. I can’t believe you missed that. When are you ever going to get it right?”

Would you say these things to your best friend? Of course you wouldn’t. Yet athletes say these types of things to themselves all the time – repeatedly. All it takes is a missed play, bad call or becoming frustrated with a temporary lapse in performance and you are ranting at yourself out of anger and frustration. You do it without thinking.

Science states we are not aware of about 95% of our thoughts. How scary is that!?

Sports mental toughness is important. As an athlete you need to focus. It is one of the keys to your success. When your thoughts are running rampant there is no way you can focus. Negative thoughts can easily wipe out your chances of winning or making that next big play.

The solution, remain aware of your thoughts constantly.

Steps to Success

1. Stop and check-in. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now? What am I saying to myself?”

2. Do this several times every day, at practice, pre-competition and during competition.

3. Write down your thoughts immediately if possible. Keep a small pocket sized notebook with you so you can capture your thoughts at the time they’re happening. If you can’t do it immediately, write them down as soon as you can. At least once a day. You cannot change what you’re not aware of. Staying aware is the key.

4. DO NOT judge your thoughts. Your thoughts are not good or bad. They simply exist. Be grateful you are now aware of them. Knowledge gives you the power to make a change.

5. For now simply … KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

Watch for Tips #, #4, & #5 next month. For more information on how to Improve Your Performance and Win More Often.

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