College Entrance Examination Is the Fairest Way to Defeat Affluent 2nd Generation
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College Entrance Examination Is the Fairest Way to Defeat Affluent 2nd Generation

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You cannot think of a dream every day, or you cannot live a normal life at present.

Housing price is so high that we can’t afford a house, thus the cost of love is higher. The cost to live and work in Beijing is too high and interpersonal relationships are too difficult, so many young people have grievances and complaints.

However, in the eyes of Bai Yansong, the youth of every generation is not easy. Every generation has its own pain, struggle and efforts.

Yesterday afternoon, Bai Yansong, gave a report to 3,000 students of Zhengzhou University. The topic of the report was “youth: about dream and reality”.


Without college entrance examination, can you defeat affluent 2nd generation?

Q: There are many disadvantages in today’s college entrance examination, for instance, regional differences. Is there any possibility that students all over the country use the same examination papers?

Bai Yansong: If the college entrance examination doesn’t have so many defects, there might be no chance for us to communicate face-to-face. There do exist a lot of defects in China’s college entrance examination, but it is the fairest way. Can you defeat affluent 2nd generation without the college entrance examination?

There must be some reformations of college entrance examination in the future. But the trend is not to use the same examination papers all over the country. There will be an independent admission that people can trust. It is fair and just. Maybe there is more than one college entrance examination and it won’t decide your life only through an examination.

Q: The phenomenon of “comparing fathers” appears in the employment of college students. Those graduates who have family backgrounds tend to work in units with good welfare, while those with no relations and backgrounds have difficulty in finding jobs. What’s your opinion towards this phenomenon?

Bai Yansong: This phenomenon really exists but it is not common. I believe that if you have the ability every road is smooth for you. When I came to Beijing, I even didn’t know a person. As the passing years, I haven’t sent gifts to anyone for position transfer. Furthermore, do you think that leaders will employ those who have no ability?

Q: What is the book that influences you most?

Bai Yansong: Xinhua Dictionary. Reading is to seek yourself instead of reading others. There are many books that influence me and I cannot comment on them.

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