Colors and lighting combination for interior decoration
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Colors and lighting combination for interior decoration

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The choice of the color to decorate the interior will affect the mood of the people. This is why it is so important. 

A key factor in the success of this is the choice of light, which thanks to its changing reflections as the hours and seasons magnify your decor. Able to adapt to a color display of a play is a guarantee of success, let’s see how.

Choice of color compared to the exposure of the room

Before choosing a color to paint the walls of your home you should consider its brightness and the path of natural light throughout the day. 
For this you need to spend some time in the room at different times of the day to evaluate its intensity. The pieces facing south, receiving a strong natural light can be coated with green, blue or gray paint. These cool colors will capture sunlight and will thus be intensified. You can choose textured coatings to their relief, play with light. To produce a clean effect, the white color will be perfect. Attention, for it is not too make a dazzling zoning, trendy, with strong colors that contrast. You can also cut the reverb effect with the soft colored curtains, well furnished bedroom furniture, wooden doors and painting the section of wall that will receive sunlight for a darker color.

A room facing east receives morning sun and is exposed to outside light throughout the day. Use paints with colors such as bright pastel pink, yellow, beige, gray and putty. The dark colors will be reserved for exhibits to the west. Here you can dare to red and blazing colors that radiate with the warm rays of sun.

In the north, the brightness is lowest and the sun is scarce and feels sad. Choose warm colors to create an upbeat and cozy atmosphere. This is the area of shades of orange, ocher, brown, and red moles. Choosing well furnished sofa set designs, door designs and modular kitchen cabinets is also a part of creating an awesome environment inside a home.

Natural Light and Artificial light

  • Daylight - Sublime natural light dressing the windows of delicate shimmering curtains:
  • Paint the wall supporting a south facing window with bright colors that will make a beautiful frame to solar radiation. The side walls will be painted with lighter colors or shades of pastel colors chosen to address it, creating a color gradient.
  • To drive a very dark room, choose a color smart and positive to take a whole section of wall dare bright reds, oranges or vitamin sunny yellows.

Artificial lighting                      

The same scene will not make the same effect under artificial light than under natural light: You must take this into account when choosing your colors. Artificial lighting fixtures overhead too often, can be modulated to enhance the volume of a room as well as decorative elements.

You should know that the light intensity produced by the various means of artificial lighting changes the perception of color. For example, neon lighting is cold and slightly warm; it will therefore introduce warm colors in rooms lit by such means. Using wooden flooring instead of traditional stones or marble is a better option for awesome lighting effects.

The low lighting creates an intimate atmosphere. Place them in order to develop a very specific color and play on their orientation to stage your decorative items. Create shadows illuminating the vertical walls of the bottom up. This helps to highlight the reliefs and to stage the color.

Tame the light that should no longer be simply functional. Multiply the points of light to compose your scene and abuse of the use of candles to soften the colors, making them warmer and creating an intimate space.

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