Comparison Between the Nitro RC Trucks and Real Cars
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Comparison Between the Nitro RC Trucks and Real Cars

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This article is a good read about the nitro RC trucks for those who have no idea what these little cars are all about.  To start with, these trucks are not really real trucks. They are small trucks, like toy cars and toy trucks are. They are being played by little boys, big boys and even older boys. Some girls play them too, but not as many as boys do.

They may be small but they are powered by electric motors that operate as real trucks could. These RC toys are being raced and showed off. People who usually do this are those who actually have the hobby with this kind of machine. Usually the hobby-grade nitro RC trucks are of electric models, nitro-powered and gasoline powered. Imagine a toy car being re-charged like the modern electric cars used today or being gassed-up in order for it to run, amazing!

The RC toy enthusiasts are always up for the development of their RC machines. They would even buy accessories that are being attached to the toy to make it attractive or make it run faster and even do tricks like real cars and trucks do with back-flips and all.  The only difference is that when real cars and trucks run on racetracks and they bump or crash, somebody else gets hurt. But with nitro RC trucks, only the trucks get hurt, it doesn’t even matter because it s a machine. They may burn and be extremely broken but at least the RC toys have no person inside it. With real cars, they are fatal to life.

Once this happens then the RC truck owner will just have to spend money again in buying a new truck or replace the broken engine or whatever else is broken on the machine. The really crazy ones about this machine are those who make meticulous selection when they buy their first nitro RC truck. There are two choices they say. One can get the ready-to-run or simply called the RTR, and the other is the pre-assembled ready-to-run also known as ARTR, they are also called as race-roller.

With this description it’s easy to conclude that different RC toy owners also do different upgrading stuff on their truck’s machine and engine, in order for them to have a superior racing performance. The reason for this is winning a race. So it’s important for the owner to always check their toys and warm them up by letting them run regularly on smooth pavements so they can get used to being turned on as most machines do.

Whatever it is, the most important for these nitro RC truck hobbyists is that they had fun. They get satisfaction when their little toys run and race. There are even RC car and truck tournaments held for this kind of hobby, with prize money attached to winning. Sometimes the price money is less than what was really spent for the trucks engines or accessory parts but nevertheless these people are happy.

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