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Compatibility In Astrology for 2012

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Compatibility or the ability to get along is an instinctive feeling as we all know. Right since childhood, we make friends & get infatuations, eventually leading to love and relationships. We tell ourselves that we are friends, because we think alike or we get along well. In love, we sometimes fall in love with a totally different type of person, once we start talking to each other.

These factors take place due to effect of various planets on us and in relation to each other. We use the effect of the planets as mentioned below to work out the full compatibility quotient:

1. Moon – This is the very basis and fulcrum of the compatibility equation. We are able to determine attitude, values, outlook towards life, mental attraction. The basic mental blueprint of what you seek in your life partner is determined by Moon signs.

2. Venus – is the second most important influence for compatibility. It brings the ability to love each other. Affections, gentle feelings, caring and artistic sexual attractions come with Venus.

3. The ascendant – is the next factor which influences social compatibility and ability to live with each and co exist peacefully.

4. Mars – determines pure sexual attractions, mutual sex drives and hostility and aggression towards each other.

5. Jupiter & Saturn – are karmic planets and influence the ability to connect with each other on a spiritual and karmic level.

Besides there are many other factors like the Nakshatra’s (the birth constellation ), Navamsa ( the sub divisional charts ) etc which help a competent Vedic astrology delve deep into the birth charts of two individuals to determine the compatibility.

Also the Vedic system has the unique system of 8 factors called Ashtakoot, which determines compatibility on factors such as mental compatibility, children, wealth, social status, sexual, values and spirituality.

Indastro has provided true vedic astrology compatibility reports for over 10 years to over half a million clients. You too can discover a true well wisher and guiding light to find and determine the best life partner for yourself.

The ancient astrology categorizes the twelve signs into different castes. Tracing the roots of the particular caste under which the sign Aries falls, it has long been established that Aries are Kshatriyas or the warriors. They are the valiant souls who can battle it out better than anyone as and when required.

Vedic astrology also classifies the twelve signs into male and female on the basis of gender. Aries is considered a male sign and is characterized by an aggressive, dominating and active behavior. Different planets act as functional Benefics or Malefics based on the ownership of houses in a birth chart.

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