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Compelling supernaturalistic- beyond nature and above human

Published by: Preity bhandari (7)
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10Dec, Sunday, 2006- The day, at length, arrived and was to be remembered for the whole of my life. Incidents that took place on this day changed me and my ideology completely. Just as the modern generation, I was quite oblivious to occult science, which counts on supernatural phenomenon. Although bearing penchant for spirituality, I used to think it quite annoying and trifling that beyond human there exists a thing called ’inhuman’, which surpasses the conscious mind & bare eyes. The horrible occurrence of 10Dec, 06 turned my stern disbelief into deep unshakable faith in ’nature’ & ’beyond nature’.

Here I forward you an elaborate descripts of what took place before my eyes in the presence of my alarmed senses & led to my instant transformation.

It was the coldest month of year, 2006 and coldest day of month, December. The alarm clock atop the dressing table crackled with a demonic laugh and got me digs both my ears with index fingers. I popped open left eye and punched a fist at the stop button. The clock flashed 04:30 AM. Damn it! What the heck? Its 04:30! Where’s the child? Where are the people and where’s that shabby looking priest? I muttered bewilderingly to myself and jumped on my bed. Oh! So is it? I realized then that it was all in dream, but a real horribly pathetic dream. I dreamt of a sweet blond boy with deep blue eyes playing with a red color ball in a vast plain ground so full of greenery. Few minutes later, weather changes, dark clouds come hovering the sky and one giant black cloud bursts suddenly. The boy gets struck with with lightening produced out of the ripped cloud, pierces him in heart and kills him at the very moment.

Next, I see an Indian man with a brunette wife carrying the dead child and wailing at his death. In the presence of a large assembly of people, the child is burned in the crematorium with ritualistic native chanting by a shaggy looking bearded priest wearing torn out pajamas. It seemed to me as if I’ve had been both mentally as well as physically present beside the mourning couple and the jeremiad happening before my eyes.

Though it did leave an ire feeling on me, but I shrugged it off soon. I stretched my hand towards the light switch and clicked it, but it didn’t turn on. Wondering in dark, I recounted the MCD Worker’s words that electricity won’t be available till noon. Reluctantly, I dragged off my bed to start my routine work- getting ready for office. At 05:30, I was standing at the pick-up point, waiting for cab. It was an unusual dreary morning with quiet spine chilling cold. The sloppy lane ahead indicated it was a stormy night with heavy rain, might be a hailstorm, which had caused a huge electric breakdown.

While waiting for my pick up, a lackey donning a bamboo cane caught my attention. His limping and hyena like gait created certain unease in me and for a moment, I forgot to exhale out. The crush came in when all of a sudden his one-eyed gaze met mine and the lightening in the sky seemed to pierce my heart. I noticed that his right leg was completely chopped off, but the left one, which he was oddly dragging with the support of bamboo cane, happened to be waiting impatiently to fall out of his groins. Few minutes past the spooky ass was gone leaving a stir that had caused due to his dark voracious look and was unlikely to leave my heart. Seconds later, cab arrived and I was whisked away. Within 10 min, we got dropped near our office

Dammed! Its Sunday..!! I counted with frustration and learned that Sundays, lifts are not functional. Our office was on 7th floor of the building. The place, District Centre is quite a jig for loiterers with so many eateries around and an all-time hit Satyam Multiplex. With it, its famously called ’Suicide Point’ for estranged lovers, who after getting a broken heart would come here, mount on the roof of buildings, shed bucket-full tears and after taking an oath of their love, take a dive- sheew!!..Direct to hell. Since, people who suicide commit a sin and are bound to mark their presence before deity, Yamraaj.

That day, the entire buildings and the whole DC happened to be sunk in devilish gloom. It was all dark everywhere, so insipid, never seen before. The employers who deboarded the bus quickly rushed to the building and within a moment I was left there alone, among the dreariness. On seeing ’THE DIPPER’ far above in the sky with no star in its proximity, I felt relieved somehow and walked towards the building

 I faced the closed and un-operational lifts, then suddenly got reminded of the construction’s backstairs, which were said to be an easier and quicker access to any floor rather than front stairs  though a bit murkier than the latter. In order to cutoff the time, I decided to go the odd way and after mustering enough courage diverted to the prohibited way. The flight of stairs was really awkward, spiral in form with extra wide spaces in sequence. A single window with pin-up opaque glass panes was immured on wall on every floor entry. The heightening square steps were slippery due to the preceding nine hours of uninterrupted heavy rain in the area. Being tunneled through in the rear part of the building, these spiral stairs were notoriously famous for their unluckiness. Its walls were termed eaves-dropper and the journey through them said to be an ill-omened way to hell.

The Spooky Journey

Just from the ground floor, it’s started transmitting a queer move. With extreme carefulness, I started trotting the way to hell. In the backdrop of dark and foggy surrounding, I reached first floor. Before passing that floor, an out of sorts humming stung my ear. It was a tune, never heard before and a pungent feel raised in me. I remembered and ensured myself again and again that until 10:00 am not a single office opens and moreover, as it was Sunday, so this must be something otherwise. I hurried to cross the floor and come on second floor. Here something stranger 

was awaiting me.

I heard a peeping sound and abruptly spared myself from walking over a fluttering mouse. Switching on the mobile phone borrowed from my brother, I flashed light on the body lying on my way and what I saw nearly took my breath away. The tiny creature was lying on his back wincing with pain with his stomach torn in the whole, intestines strewn out and blood smeared around on the floor, as if an autopsy had been done on him. He was piteously throbbing for life and after hanging between life & death for few minutes, succumbed to death. Seeing a creature dying before one’s eyes is not just grieving but disheartening also is something that I realized on that day. Yes! Its really heart-breakening and unbearable for me, if I see some living being die before my eyes. It leaves me with a paralyzing helplessness and frustrating angst.

’Low Battery’ signal beep of my cell alarmed me and soon off it went. Prancing on my feet, I rushed towards stairs. A few steps more and I was about to access three floor. But I forgot that bad luck is a thing that does not depart so easily and so soon.

I got interrupted by some hoarse sound that was apparently emanating from the corridor of third floor. It was deeply stinging and sounded as if someone is heaving sighs in sheer pain. I tried to locate the reason and roved eyes searchingly in the corridor’s direction, but in vain since it was still dark everywhere. Failing in my attempt of spotting something or someone, I began presuming it just to be an illusion. But soon that assumption failed and the painful sighs started becoming louder and louder as if the thing would be rushing towards me. Shivering in fear, my heart was thumping against my chest and I was all wet with sweat. Reflecting upon the previously seen torn mouse who died gasping for life, Ithought that here might be someone in dire need of help. I mustered courage and took two steps down the stairs. By now, the sighs, which showed pain suddenly, started puffing rage and hurriedly, I retreated my steps. But, much before I could back away, all of a sudden something arrested my hand that sent shock waves down my frame.  

The sight of my wrist being caught in a grip invisible to eyes was more than enough to give me a painstaking heart-attack. While coming to know the aspect of that touch, I tried hard to get my hand released but in vain. Instead it started grasping me tighter and mightier and with it my struggle grew more intense. Now only one word was echoing within me- ’Ghost’ and all the spooky stories and movies came haunting me. In quick succession the rapid fire queer incidents that were happening to me since morning zoomed before my eyes.

As much attempts I made to free myself from that trap, as I attempted to cry for help. But what’s this? No voice was coming out of my throat! I trembled fearing that I’ve almost lost my voice. Gradually, I realized that it wouldn’t be possible for me to pursue my strife since I was completely strained of energy. As I was about to faint, the grip suddenly loosened on my wrist. My voice came back and I panted, regained my balance and stumblingly climbed the stairs and was on 4th floor.

There was light on the floor and I knew that cafeteria has opened. I rushed towards the room and almost breathless heaped heavily on a corner chair. Luckily, there was no one to notice me, so I heaved a sigh, folded my hands and thanked God for such a dangerous, narrow squeak. After absorbing the shock and gaining equilibrium, I pondered over the events that happened to me within this span of 2-hrs.

I cursed myself for not having recognized the forewarning, which I had been getting since dawn like the early morning dreadful dream of a child’s cremation, sight of a lame and one-eyed man and autopsy on a living being. It was hard for me to believe that such awkward series of events occurred with me and yet were so unforgettable that they almost pierced me in heart. Feared from being sneered at, I decided to keep the affair under wraps and never tell anybody in life.

 Now four years past that incident, something occult hit me and got me relive that experience. Following which I chose to pen down the whole shudder and here the anecdote reads.

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