Complete Your Workshop With A Woodturning Lathe
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Complete Your Workshop With A Woodturning Lathe

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No workshop would be complete without a good quality woodturning lathe, which is an essential piece of equipment for all carpenters and amateur wood turners. Lathes come in a range of different styles, so there should be no problem in finding a suitable lathe for your workspace.

What is Woodturning?

Woodturning is a very specific type of woodworking which requires a woodturning lathe as an essential part of the process. The difference between most other types of woodworking and woodturning is that, when woodturning, the wood is moved while the tools used to shape it remain still.

There are two different ways to go about woodturning: Spindle tuning and faceplate turning. The difference being that in spindle turning, the wood is set between two points, whereas in faceplate turning the wood is fixed to a faceplate using screws.

Faceplate turning Is generally used to create items such as bowls and containers, whereas, spindle turning is used for spindles, furniture legs and the like.

Choosing A Woodturning Lathe

There are a vast array of woodturning lathes available, so it can be difficult to choose the one which will best serve you. Below are a few examples of lathes which may help you in your decision:

Mini Lathe

These are the best lathes to purchase if you are a beginner. They are great because they are very compact, so can be slotted into a small space nicely but, they can also be extended, so you can improve upon them when you have more experience or more space at your disposal. Try to choose a cast iron model as these are the most reliable.

Floor Lathe

If you are looking into a floor lathe, then you probably know your stuff; these are only for serious professionals with a lot of experience. They are large and need to be fixed to the ground.

Pen Lathe

If you are planning to produce specialised items, this is the one for you. This lathe will allow you to make pens, plates, cups and even doll house furniture with ease. Beginners should probably steer clear of this lathe until they have more experience on hand.

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