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Comprehensive Support For HP Printers

Published by: Gen Federico (26)
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Ink cartridges have often held a monopoly over many people. There is the idea that it is difficult to replace printer ink and that you should only ever use the same manufacturer as your printer. This is not the case, however, and it might well turn out that the printer company is holding you to ransom. Compatible printer inks have increased in complexity and manufacturing process to become as reliable as the original. Better technologies and an undeniable demand for cheaper printer ink has resulted in greater competition in the industry which will only ultimately benefit the consumer.

HP printer cartridges are no different. While their printers are undoubtedly fantastic machines, the ink can often set you back more than half of the original investment in your printer. This means that if you are a heavy user of your printer, you are going to become increasingly disenfranchised. HP inks make it seem like the printer is an expendable piece of technology merely created to sell ink. Unfortunately, many printer manufacturers seek to encourage the idea that you should only use the original manufacturer’s ink because by using a 3rd party alternative, you will be voiding your warranty. This is not the case, however. You will not void your warranty by using compatible printer inks and in fact, it is your right as a consumer to have some choice and say in how you spend what can eventually become a significant amount of money over time.

Compatible printer inks now support much of the HP printer range including the Deskjet, Photosmart, PSC Series, Officejet, Business Inkjet, Designjet, Apollo and Envy series. This means that you not only have significant choice but also the right to choose a 3rd party ink manufacturer in order to cut your costs.

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