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Cookingbytheboook corporate event planning Experts

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Cooking by the Book offers highly customized hands-on team cooking events for corporate teams and their friends. We use kitchen activity to enable team members to learn more about each other, and at the same time, provide an immensely enjoyable and entertaining sense of accomplishment. Our programs boost morale and inspire productivity. Our classes are led by highly experienced and professional chefs. We offer a delicious continental breakfast and/or buffet lunch to keep meeting attendees conveniently well-nourished while doing business.


The kitchen is a familiar, yet powerful, environment for simulating real world challenges and the perfect venue for team building activities.

Successful culinary team building offers activities that help every team identify both strengths and weaknesses, then offers strategies for improving productivity and effectiveness.

  • Foster open communication
  • Teach thoughtful resource allocation
  • Encourage successful risk taking.

Our Team Builder Plus program adds some twists to challenge your team and to teach them new skills that will boost their productivity. Each activity has been developed to focus on key issues that confront every team:

  • Short Order Cook: How to do a lot of things all at once
  • Hand Off: How to begin an activity, then pass it to the next team
  • Divide and Conquer: How to allocate and coordinate tasks
  • Market Basket Challenge: How to manage resources


CBTB work with you to plan a three-course meal that your guests will actually cook in our showroom kitchen. Using the best ingredients, working with our skilled culinary advisors, learning and laughing in the kitchen, you guests will long remember their evening of adventure.  

There are many reasons for a personal celebration:

  • Landmark birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties and bridal showers
  • Holiday parties
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Going away parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Graduations
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah


               Our state-of-the-art professional kitchen is specially designed for hands on, culinary teambuilding events, chef demonstrations, product development, video production and photo shoots. Natural light streams in through several windows. There is ample space for cameras and lights, as well as an audience of up to 25.


               Our menu selections represent a wide array of culinary interests and influences, from the classic to the eclectic. Whatever the occasion or time of year, we will assist you in planning the perfect lunch or dinner for your team.               


               Leveraging the time and investment in a team building exercise is important. Here’s a tactic that has proven very successful: in your team building experience, include elements that people will find themselves repeating over and over. If you have one of those elements, then the repetition of that element helps to reinforce the other lessons of the entire team building experience.

              Culinary team-building, or staging cooking sessions for groups of people from the same company, has been drawing cheers from many chefs, restaurants, cooking schools and hospitality firms as one way to deal with these challenging economic times. But it takes a lot more effort than organizing a backyard touch-football game.

Cooking by the Book has been hosting events for corporate and private clients. Our primary source of new customers is the incredible number of “word of mouth“ endorsements we receive from our existing customers. Please sroll the list below to view some of our valued clients. We invite you to join us for a culinary team building experience you will always treasure.

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 Suzen O'Rourke founded Cooking by the Book in 1989 on the principle that everyone regardless of their skills or experience.

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