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Cookingbytheboook team building events

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Cooking by the Book offers highly customized hands-on team cooking events for corporate teams and their friends. We use kitchen activity to enable team members to learn more about each other, and at the same time, provide an immensely enjoyable and entertaining sense of accomplishment.

Event Details : We strive to make your personal dining experience flavorful and memorable. Our events typically follow a basic flow.First you’ll be greeted with wine and hors d’oeuvres,and we introduce our staff of chefs and review the event’s menu. Your group coordinator will have selected a custom menu from seasonal selections

Cookingbytheboook - TEAM BUILDING
Suzie O’Rourke of Cooking by the Book believes that the kitchen is no longer a place for just homemakers and professional chefs. In fact, her culinary school has been opening their doors to businesses across the city.Dinner with Friends is a private dining experience perfect for a celebration, an anniversary or birthday, or just an evening of culinary fun. Our Dinner with Friends program is a three-hour hands-on event that lets you prepare and relish a memorable meal.

To make planning your event easy, we’ve developed special program that are “party-ready.“ Our Simply Delicious and Dinner with Friends programs are ready for your tasting. Please see our separate pages for descriptions of these programs.

Personal Events:
And there are many ways to celebrate. You can hike, bike, raft, balloon, dive or climb. Not everyone in your group may share all or any of these loves. But everybody eats. The kitchen is the warm, safe place to share the rewards of life with your family, friends, or associate

Cookseo - About the Author:

Suzen O'Rourke founded Cooking by the Book in 1989 on the principle that everyone regardless of their skills or experience.

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