Corporate Gift Ideas That Can Boost the Companys Image
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Corporate Gift Ideas That Can Boost the Companys Image

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There isn’t a better PR exercise for a company, than saying thank you to its customers, dealers and staff. Custom made pens, mouse pads, and diaries have been traditionally used by companies to reciprocate gratitude towards their clients. But rather than choosing these oft- repeated gifts, it makes sense to choose from gifts that make a statement about the company.

If you’re looking for unusual gift ideas, thrash the usual route and search for through online gift shops. These shops not only offer variety, but also allow you to pick custom made gifts. Here’s a list of unique gift ideas that are sure to impress your customers and staff.

Corporate Gift Baskets:

There are several websites that sell gourmet food and wine as gifts. For something as low as $25, you can choose a gourmet gift bag, that usually contains cheese dips, nuts, summer sausages, crackers, cakes, popcorns and other healthy snack options. For a slight higher price, you can order from a gourmet gift basket with wine that combines the best wine with gourmet food like dark chocolate bars, cheese dip flavored with exotic herbs from the Mediterranean, dark chocolate pretzels etc.

As earlier said you can even get these gifts customized with the company’s name or logo written on the gifts. And if you’re a regular client, the website may hold some gifts in stock. All you’ve got to order for them; the custom made gifts with the logo shall reach the client without you having to bother about anything.

Before you order for these corporate gift baskets, you can also put in special requests. For example, if the person receiving the gift is allergic to certain food, you can mention it when ordering and the product will be avoided.

And if the person receiving the gift is a foodie, there are several sites that allow you to order prime short ribs, fork tender beef briskets, BBQ sausage, pork spare ribs, corn bake etc.

Tickets: These are ideal gifts for employees. Tickets to a popular sporting event, a movie or a popular concert are always appreciated. Weekend cruises are not only inexpensive, but are popular as well. You can always find an intelligent way to include a promotional item with these tickets.

Needless to say, your choice of gifts would largely depend on your budget and the time that’s at your disposal. If you’re hard pressed for time, gift baskets are an ideal choice. All you’ve got to do is to choose the product, mention the address and you are all set.

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There isn’t a better promotional item than a gift basket with wine that carries your company’s logo. The author has written several articles to help people choose corporate gift baskets.

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