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Corporate Gifts When are Corporate Gifts Appropriate

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With the uproar in the media about bribery and inappropriate gifts, it can be tempting to forego giving and accepting corporate gifts all together.  However, there are some cases where corporate gifts are not only appropriate, but warranted.  If you are receiving, there are times to accept graciously and times to decline graciously.  If giving, it is important to know the difference between when it is appropriate or inappropriate to give corporate gifts.  The type of corporate gifts you give can also make a difference, with items such as a key chain making much less of an issue than fancy cigars. 

The first thing to consider in giving corporate gifts is the root intention of the gift.  This is a personal issue and one that really must be considered.  In truth, are the intentions of the corporate gifts you are giving to influence the decision of the recipient or recipients?  If so, consider if others will see it that way.  In general, ethical issues are almost always perceived as such by those on the outside looking in, so in this case, the decision of giving corporate gifts should be looked at long and hard.

If you intentions are pure, such as giving corporate gifts as a thank you or a show of good will, then it is necessary to look at how the gift may be perceived by others.  In the end, that is what really counts, as your intentions in giving corporate gifts cannot be proven.  If it could appear to others that you are giving corporate gifts as a means of influencing decisions, then it is likely not a good idea to give them.  This is a case of better safe than sorry, and giving corporate gifts inappropriately can have such far reaching consequences that it is really better to err on the side of caution.

If the corporate gifts given are of such small value that they could in no way be considered unethical, it is probably fine.  It is also okay if they are larger corporate gifts that could in no way be perceived as inappropriate. In this case, it can be great fun to browse possibilities for gifts such as clothing, tools, cooking utensils, accessories, and smaller corporate gifts such as ink pens and key chains.  Novelty items, even those with logos on them, can be fun to give as well as receive.  Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and consider how you would feel about receiving each item considered as a gift, and go from there.

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