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Council Home Care Cuts Where Can you find quality care

Published by: April James (3)
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The United Kingdom Home Care Association has found that due to funding cuts Council run Care homes and Live in care is falling short of meeting the basic needs of its clients. 82% of Live in care visits have reduced from an average of 48 minutes to a measly 38 minutes and Personal Care which includes bathing, dressing and basic hygiene has reached an all time low of just 15 minutes.  ¾ of the council run care homes have greatly reduced their daily visits to clients which is proving to have disastrous consequences, a 90 year old gentlemen had his daily visits reduced from 28, 45 minute sessions per week to just 7, 15 minute visits. A reduction so great has a knock on affect on the health of the patient both physically and mentally; one case found that due to time reductions a woman in her 90’s was left lying on her bedroom floor for 12 hours after she fell in the middle of the night trying to reach the bathroom.

The UKHCA has noted that although cuts may need to be made the needs of the clients must be the number one priority as their health and safety is paramount regardless of where councils deem the cuts should be made.

Choosing care for a loved one is not an easy decision, as every family situation is different. To make an informed choice you need to know your options and the difference between the care services available

The benefits of Live In Care include:-

  • The cost is comparable to many care homes
  • You can stay in your own home with your own care worker
  • With one to one care you have greater flexibility and personalisation
  • You can continue your chosen lifestyle

Live In Care provided by Agin Care is guaranteed to meet the needs of it’s client whether the care is required 24/7 or just an hour per week. Live In Care assess the needs of the client and their family to ensure that the best possible care plan is available and implemented smoothly. For care from £675 find out how Live In Care can benefit you and your family! Why not visit their website www. for further information.

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