Couriers make it possible to offer flexible delivery options
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Couriers make it possible to offer flexible delivery options

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In these days when ever more items are ordered remotely, either by telephone or over the internet, it’s quite easy for businesses to be seen as remote entities, which only offer a set number of ’off the peg’ services to their customers.
Whether the perception is that it is because these are what have always been available, or have worked best in the past is immaterial. While clearly there may not be the physical interaction between business and client which used to be norm, it is still important for both parties in the deal that some degree of flexibility can be built into the supply process. And this is where only a courier can beat a delivery service offered by the manufacturer or supplier itself.
Responding to a growing need to be proactive in meeting customers’ needs – and in the case of courier companies, those customers cover every corner of the retail landscape, as well as many individuals with distinct requirements – couriers are increasingly using the customer’s demands as the basis for their day-to-day activity, rather than working to a philosophy of ’it’ll be delivered when we can fit it into our schedule’.
That means that, if a business wants to offer customers such refinements as timed deliveries, or overnight despatch, these can usually be accommodated by at least one courier company, even, in many instances, giving people an option of choosing a preferred supplier for this service.
And using a parcel delivery price comparison website could even mean that more than one operator can offer the service, making it possible to meet both the customer’s requirements, and the sender’s budget constraints.
Of course, such refinements are not usually provided free of charge. It can only be expected that, when a sender requires a parcel or other consignment to be with a customers at or by a certain time, then there will usually be an extra cost involved over and above that of a courier’s standard, non time-specific, service.
But as people lead increasingly frantic lives, and the times at which they can be available to accept a delivery might be inflexible, it is good to know that the courier charged with getting their goods to them can accommodate these requirements.
And provided the delivery is completed as promised, the idea that it might cost extra will pale into insignificance alongside the fact that it means another customer is satisfied, and might well return in the future, with the feeling that the company they dealt with really did value their business.
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