Crawl Space Mold – How to Prevent
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Crawl Space Mold – How to Prevent

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Homeownership has another side, and that’s the maintenance that comes with it. We would like to own a maintenance-free home, but, that is not possible. However, one of the most common household problems that many homeowners have to deal with is the mold in the crawl space. Mold is serious business and basements and crawl spaces are prone to mold growth as there is moisture in these dark spaces. Mold in crawl space Crawl space mold is the most difficult and expensive of all the Albuquerque mold removal projects due to its space restrictions. Not to mention the time it takes to clear the mold from crawl space walls, and floors. In fact, crawl spaces are the most common places in the house to find mold as moisture builds up quickly and goes unnoticed by the homeowners. Why are crawl spaces prone to mold? Due to high moisture and humidity levels crawl spaces are prone to mold growth than other places in your house. You crawl space is located underneath your house, right on the top of the dirt, soil, and other elements that act as your home’s foundation. Soil that comes from earth contains moisture. Moisture is one of the significant causes of mold growth. Moisture can easily get trapped into the closed area like your crawl space, and it will begin to condense on the crawl space’s walls and subflooring. What can be done to prevent mold in your crawl space? Mold exists everywhere, and it is virtually impossible to have a mold-free house. But, Albuquerque mold removal in a crawl space is a daunting process and to get rid of it, you have to control the moisture and humidity levels. Here are a few valuable suggestions to help you do so: • Ensure there are no cracks that allow water to leak inside the crawl space. Check for water leaks under your house and fix it immediately. • Make sure the gutters and downspouts work properly and direct water away from the house, so it doesn’t accumulate near the foundation and seep into the crawl space. • Check for any leaks in HVAC ducts, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures. • Insulate the crawl space and inspect them regularly to ensure it is not sagging. • Ensure the crawl space is properly vented to control the humidity in your crawl space. • Check whether the dryer vent is vented outside of your home instead of crawl space. If you suspect mold growth in your crawl space or spot one, have it inspected by a reliable mold removal company Albuquerque as early as possible to prevent further damages.
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