Creates a process maps that shows growth through process mapping
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Creates a process maps that shows growth through process mapping

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Process mapping is analogous to flowcharting but with extra supremacy. With process mapping an enterprise not only builds a process map that shows you where your organization reside, but also expands a “should” map that tells where you want to be. Jointly, these two process maps can guide healthcare companies to main enhancements in the quality of care that is offered in excellence and revenue cycles.

Steps to create the process maps:

Outlining: Begin by creating the sketch or draft of the process map. There is bounty of plans that you can use to create the process map, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Visio. One of the troubles that people face, however, is when the process map is made right then and there in the computer.

Ovals: The two main ends of the process map are the start and the stop points. You can indicate this by using ovals or circles. This will help readers figure out where the process will begin. The other ovals will be the variety of outcomes, depending on what conclusions or routes of action are taken in the process map.

Rectangles: Rectangles or squares can be used to point out the steps in the process mapping. Here, you will add the items or commands that require to be skilled before an action can proceed to the next level.

Diamonds: A detailed process map will typically provide room for decision making. You can demonstrate the results or crossroads in a process map by using a diamond symbol. From the diamond, you will require to generate at least two diverse alternatives or courses of action that can be taken. Each route of action will finally lead to a diverse result or final result.

Arrows: Arrows should be used to specify path. The arrow head should forever be pointing at the next step, to guide the reader where next he will require to go depending on the process steps and conclusions that are taken.

Process mapping permits enterprise to recognize efficiency opportunities, best practices, root causes of problems, generate workflow reliability, and determine who owns an action item inside the process and who is responsible for the process.

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