Credit Card kredi kartı A Powerful Financial Tool
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Credit Card kredi kartı A Powerful Financial Tool

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Credit card (kredi kartı) is one of the valuable assets for everyone. Presently, you need a credit card for almost all the purpose. If you need to travel then you need a credit card for flight reservation, reserve hotel rooms, rent cars, purchase products from the supermarket and for any other purpose. Without a credit card you might not be able to perform your routine tasks. It is playing a vital role in the life of the people. However, you must know more about credit cards before obtaining them.

Some important tips that might help you to grab the best credit card (kredi kartı) are listed below:

Choose card according to your plan:

If you are able to pay off your monthly balance every month, then you can opt for reward cards. If you are unable to pay clear the balance then you can choose a low interest rate card. If you are considering a reward card then decide whether you would like a rebate or some type of reward for an interest.

Always opt for low interest rate credit cards:

If you have lower interest rate then your changes to pay off the balance will be more, thus helping you to eliminate the your credit card debt very soon. Low rate credit card bestows several benefits to the user. However, you must check your credit score before making your low interest credit card applications (kredi kartı başvurusu) because only if you have a high credit score you will get approval for the low interest rate. Always avoid low interest cards that charge an annual fee, because you are interested in the rate and not in the rewards.

Check out the grace period:

Grace period is one of the important that must be analyzed clearly, because it is the time period provided by the credit card company to pay back the complete amount. On average basis, the grace period would be 20 days. Always choose credit cards (kredi kartları) that have a longer grace period that might provide you enough time to repay the money.

Check out the fees charged:

Your credit card company might charge different types of fees such as annual fee, service fee and late fee. Always try to grab the credit card that charges very few fees and the less charging amount, because you might not be able to clear your debt along with several additional charges.

Find out the annual percentage rate:

It is a yearly fixed or variable interest rate that measures the cost of the credit. It reflects the total yearly cost of the interest on a loan in a percentage rate.

All these tips might help you to get a better credit card as your financial tool. However, maintaining debt is more important because your credit score determines whether you are eligible for a mortgage loan (konut kredisi) or any other loans.

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