Decans vs Sun Signs in Astrology
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Decans vs Sun Signs in Astrology

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Astrology works. We are connected in ways we do not yet understand. These connections are obvious to astrologers and to those who are open to astrology.

Each of the fire, earth, air or water sun signs have similar characteristics among themselves. For example, aries, leo and sagittarius are the fire signs. Everyone born in these signs will be similar in that they have fire characteristics. This is because they are separated by 120 degrees from each other, forming a triangle. The same applies to earth, air and water signs.

What’s the matter with sun signs? Each sun sign (spanning 30 degrees each) is for a 30-day period and the description for each of them may not apply equally to everyone born in those periods People born in a particular sun sign, say gemini, may be as much as 30 degrees away from each other. (We are talking about the placement of the Sun here, which represents the individual.) Hence each sun sign was divided further, wisely enough by our ancestors, into three 10-day periods, called decans.

Now, if we use the descriptions given to each decan, the similarities among people born in each of those 10-day periods will be much more obvious.

Further, these similarities extend to the other two corresponding fire, earth, air or water decans. For example, if you are an Aries First Decan, not only will you be similar to others in your own decan (by conjunction), you will also be similar to Leo First Decan and Sagittarius First Decan (by trine) - the other two fire sign first decans. This is because each of the fire sign first decans are 120 degrees apart from each other, forming a triangle, or grand trine.

The same would apply to all the other decans of the zodiac. Visit astrodecans to find out more about astrology decans.

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