Dental Implant Teeth: Do not Ignore Missing Pearly Whites
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Dental Implant Teeth: Do not Ignore Missing Pearly Whites

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 Think about this for a second… when you lose a tooth, or even several teeth, what’s the very first toll it takes on your life and quality thereof? Smile aesthetics are the first to go. It only takes a single missing tooth to totally distract your audience from the message you are trying to convey with a smile. Next would be bite functionality. It is difficult to eat and speak properly with missing teeth. Furthermore, the exposed gap is an open invitation for food particles and bacteria, and this is a death sentence for oral hygiene.

 Incredible isn’t it? One missing tooth and you are looking at a gappy smile, difficulty eating and speaking, problems with oral hygiene, which in turn can lead to infection and bad breath. This is not even to mention the destabilization of the dental arch and future problems of jaw bone atrophy! This is why implant teeth are as important as a tooth replacement solution, say Colorado dentists. So, if you have been living with single or multiple missing teeth, perhaps it’s time you booked your appointment and investigated getting dental implant teeth!

 The Importance of Implant Teeth

 For a staggering number of people, missing teeth are something they have to deal with on a daily basis. According to statistics revealed by the American Dental Association, over 100 million people in the United States have lost between 11 and 15 of their original pearly whites. So can you imagine how many more are missing only one, two or even three teeth? The problem is that few of these people understand the importance of replacing teeth that have fallen out or were required to be extracted as a result of physical trauma, decay or gum disease. Implant teeth not only provide an aesthetic solution, say Colorado dentists, but they replace the functionality of the entire missing tooth, from the root to the crown. Implant teeth also prevent jaw bone atrophy, destabilization of the neighboring teeth (and subsequently, the entire dental arch) and infection from attacking the exposed tooth socket.

 Implant Teeth: Common Concerns

 When it comes to implant teeth, the two most common concerns are cost and discomfort, say Colorado dentists. There are unfortunately some misconceptions about implant teeth that prevent many people from receiving the treatment they so badly need. First of all, the cost of implant teeth represents an investment in your long term oral health, smile aesthetics and overall quality of life. If you required a hip replacement, you wouldn’t opt for something that would last a few years before failing simply because it was cheaper. The fact is, according to Colorado dentists, removable dentures and dental bridges are inferior tooth replacement solutions to implant teeth. And their cost is proportionate to the benefits and advantages they afford patients.

 Secondly, the incredibly advanced technology we have today enables Colorado dentists to place implant teeth using as non-invasive a surgery as possible. Without the need for multiple incisions and sutures, post-procedural pain and discomfort is really minimal, with prescription analgesics taking care of the rest. In fact, most patients return to work within a day or two of receiving implant teeth, so don’t believe all those nasty horror stories!

 Implant Teeth: A Final Note

 Whatever course of action you wish to take, make sure that you seek the professional attention of Colorado dentists. Never ignore a missing tooth or several missing teeth because the problems they pose will require exponentially more expensive and invasive surgical solutions further down the line. Implant teeth offer fantastic results, so there is no excuse for compromising on the future of your oral health!

Michele Johnson - About the Author:

Michele Johnson is working as a dental Scanning operator who has done 3D CAT scanning of patients seeking for implant teeth. He has seen people walking away with healthy and natural looking after receiving Colorado dentists.

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