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Desert Schools Tips For Summer Arizona Living

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Summer in Arizona has most definitely arrived with the plethora of triple digit temperatures lately. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union would like to offer some helpful tips to having a safe and happy summer, while living in a hot, dry desert climate.Never leave children or pets in parked car without air-conditioning: You should never leave children unattended in a car during any time of year but during an Arizona summer, doing this could result in death due to the extreme heat. A car could easily reach 200 degrees inside and cracking windows doesn’t help. And be sure to report children or pets in hot cars to the police immediately by calling 911.

Always travel with water: Regardless of how far you’re driving, always make sure you bring water just in case something happens to your car.Check your tire tread and car battery: While driving around you will undoubtedly notice a lot of tire debris on the freeways during this time a year. The extreme Arizona heat puts a lot of stress on tires, especially ones that have worn tread. Don’t put yourself at risk of having a blow out and check your tires. Also, as many Arizonans have come to realize, the battery life on your car is a lot shorter here than it is in other regions of the country. This is because we use our air conditioners a lot more. Most auto parts stores can check your battery free of charge.

Take caution when exercising outdoors: Try to exercise early in the morning or just before sunset and make sure you bring lots of water! Never leave children unsupervised around water: Every year we hear about children drowning in the family pool. To ensure this type of tragedy never happens to your family, place the proper safety locks on all doors that lead to the backyard. If you have a doggy door, train your dog to use it only when you are not home and keep it closed when you are home. Kids are small enough to crawl through it. Also, make sure you have proper fencing around your pool and make sure the gate is always closed.

Surprisingly, many drownings happen at parties with more than one adult present. The reason behind this is that the adults usually assume some other adult is watching the children. To avoid any confusion as to who is in charge of the children, designate “watchers“ before the party even starts. Each adult at the party can take a shift.

To distinguish the “watcher“ from other party-goers have him or her wear a vibrant baseball cap or some article of clothing that stands out. The “watchers“ sole job is to supervise the children in the pool. Once their shift is over, they are free to socialize. This keeps everyone safe.Let Desert Schools know some of the things you do to keep safe in the summer. We hope this summer brings you and your family lots of laughter and many great memories.

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