Different Approaches to Get Different Results
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Different Approaches to Get Different Results

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Once there was a painter. He wanted to paint a picture that everyone likes it when they see. One day, he finished painting one, and took it to the market and displayed it. Next to the drawing placed a pen, along with instructions: every viewer, if you think you are not satisfied with this painting, you can mark on it.

In the evening, the painter put away the painting and found the whole picture was painted with a sigh-not a place would not be blamed. Painter was very unhappy, and very disappointed for his attempt.

So the painter decided to try another way. He drew a same picture and took it to the market on display. But this time, he asked every viewer to mark the places that they most appreciated. When the painter put the painting away again, he found the screen has been painted over the sigh. What all strokes have been accused of now became the tag of praise.

“Oh” The painter said with emotion, “I found a secret, that is, no matter what we are doing, as long as some people make satisfactory, it is enough. Some people think these are ugly things, but in the view of other people, they are good.”

The painter used two ways to show his drawing, but received two different results. Because he changed the first way, the painter got the results he wanted.

It makes me understand that viewing the issue from another angle can solve a lot of things. At the same time, treat problem from another view, which will makes us more positive in life. When you encounter a setback, do not be sad, you can look at the question from another angle. In fact, you will find it is God’s own temper to you, so that you can accumulate more experience. As others’ criticism can make you better, the setback on the road of life also allows you to get more lessons. In the final, we should face life with optimism. It has been said, the pain is from the enlarged sadness, reduced pleasure. Think about it, do you live in your own pain? If you are a negative person, please try to actively cheer up!

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