Different Parts Of An RC Helicopters
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Different Parts Of An RC Helicopters

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Before learning to fly RC helicopters, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the manual and the control panel of it. There are similarities between these toys and the real helicopters when it comes to the various parts and their functions. The difference probably would be on how they are operated. Toys are operated while the person is on the ground while the real helicopters the pilot is in the aircraft.

These are some of the parts of RC helicopters. The motor, most of the copter toys have two rotors, the main rotor and the tail rotor. The main the rotors spin the rotor blades that allow helicopters to fly. The main rotor controls the flight lift by spinning either upwards or downwards. The tail rotor on the other hand allows left and right turns by speeding up and slowing down. Two channel copters will have the main and tail rotors performing the functions stated above.

Another part is the throttle stick; it controls the power to the main rotor. Basically, the throttle stick is supposed to keep the rotor speed within allowable limits in order to keep the rotor producing enough lift for the flight. The rudder stick is another part of an aircraft. It functions more or less like the throttle stick. Its function is to control the amount of power to the tail rotor. Remember the tail rotor allows right and left turns. Sometimes, the rudder stick may give less or too much thrust than required; this in return can make the RC helicopters fly towards an unwanted direction.

Have you been wondering why the copter can stabilize and maneuver on air, this is part of the reason why, the fuselage. The fuselage does this is useful in position control and stabilizing the craft. It   promotes the copters maneuverability and stability. The swash plate is also another part you will find in your RC helicopters. Its role is to increase or decrease the pitch angle of all the main rotor blades equally making the aircraft to go up or down. The swash plate is composed of two parts namely the stationary and the rotating swash plates. The outer plate (rotating) is mounted on the main rotor and can tilt in all directions and move either vertically or horizontally.

Most people will tend to choose a particular toy based on its shape, size, or even color.  The body of the copter holds all these features. The body covers most of the parts discussed above since most of them are inside it. These copters could be made from hard plastics, or aluminum depending on the model, features and price. It will not be RC helicopters without the battery, another part of the copter is the battery, and most of them are LiPo batteries. The package comes with an A/C and D/C charger for recharging your copter after several minute of fun and entertainment. Now that you know the different parts of your toy, enjoy your flight!

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