Different Teeth Replacement Options and Why Dental Implants are the Best!
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Different Teeth Replacement Options and Why Dental Implants are the Best!

Published by: Paulo Pinho (12)
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Missing a tooth is nothing to feel easy. The pain of losing a tooth can never be understood unless you have felt one for yourself. However, living with the gap in the mouth has become an option. There are so many teeth replacement choices available for the ones who lost their teeth and confidence. Dentures and bridges where famous once for replacing missing teeth, however, dental implants have taken over them. Dental implants Sydney are around long enough that most people are aware of them and know that they help replace a missing tooth. However, there are several other benefits the dental implants can offer which you might not know. We have shared some information about implants to help you decide on best and long-term tooth replacement option. What are the different teeth replacement options available? Dentures: Dentures are removable teeth replacement options that have changed the life of many people while restoring their appearance and function. However, there have always been issues like slipping, shifting and other discomforts with dentures which make enjoying all favourite food a challenge. Dental bridges: Dental bridges are good aesthetic solutions for replacing missing teeth. However, they need support from the adjacent teeth. This means the adjacent permanent teeth should be altered to accommodate the crowns to hold the bridge in place. Dental implants: Sydney dental implants are the best among other replacement options. Dental implants are rooted permanently into the jawbone. They can help restore a single tooth or several teeth and can also hold dentures on the place. The dental implants cost Sydney is highly affordable over time, which is another reason why they are preferred the most. How dental implants stack up over other teeth replacement options? Improving chewing ability: Dentures can restore only 10% of chewing ability. However, dental implants can restore 90% of your chewing ability. Easy to taste the food and speak: There are reported issues created by dentures while eating and talking. Dental implants can eliminate this problem as they are fixed permanently to the jawbone. Maintenance free: - Bridges and dentures should be relined after a few years. - Except for regular check-up and good oral hygiene dental implants are virtually maintenance free. Cost effective option: Dentures and bridges should be replaced after a few years. As dental implants are permanent solutions, they need no replacement, just with proper oral hygiene they can last for a lifetime. Better for oral health: Dental implants replace not only the crown but also its root of the tooth helping to stimulate the jawbone growth thus preserving its integrity. Dentures serve an aesthetic purpose and sit only on the top of the gum, as a result, the bone beneath will gradually deteriorate with time.
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