Differentiate Your Business With Your Website
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Differentiate Your Business With Your Website

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Among the many tools to differentiate your business, your website could be the most effective. Instead of struggling to find new ways to differentiate your business let your website do the heavy lifting for you. Your website is your first impression engine, so use it to stand out. Great websites help companies to become leaders in their markets. Regardless of the size of your business, you can have a Fortune 500 look. Every business has competition, and better job they do differentiate themselves form the competition the more likely will they succeed.

The following will help you differentiate your business:

Excellent content is a must. Don’t waste your time filling your website with fluff. People want unique content. Tell your visitors what makes your company unique. What is unique about your service. What makes your product better then your competitors’ products. Instead of using big words use words that are measurable. For example, if your service technicians can fix or repair something 25 percent faster than your competition, tell that story on your website. Give as much information away as you can. Don’t be afraid to give free advice.  Even if you are a highly paid professional that charges by the hour, you will have a better website when you include expert advice. Avoid turning your website into an online brochure. It should be a source of great content.

Do you have a website that looks like your nephew designed it? Is your website out of date? The people that see your website will notice that it is out of date. An out of date website will hurt your business. Such website tells the world that your are too busy. If you are too busy you don’t need any more business. Your website has to be updated often, several times a month, not several times a year. Active websites are updated several time per day. To make updating easy for your staff your website should be built with a CMS (Content Management System) such as Drupal or WordPress that makes updating quick and easy. Your website updates should include information about what’s new with your company, new products or services, if you were mentioned in the media, if you have exhibited at a trade show, etc.

Have your website help you become an expert. Your website content will position you above others, raising you to expert level. People much rather buy from experts than sales people. Most people trust experts more than sales people. Any content such as white papers, surveys, studies, tips, and how-tos will help you position yourself as an expert.

Let the search engines do the work for you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not about manipulating the search engines. SEO is about optimizing your website, continuously adding new and unique content to your website. When your website includes great content you are on the right SEO track. One of the keys to successful SEO is getting other websites linking to your websites. The more websites link to your website the greater chance you have to rank high for your target keywords. Great content gets others link to your website. 

Make it easy on you and have your website on a CMS platform. There are many outstanding CMS platforms available to you such as Drupal and Wordpress. Having your website on a CMS platform, make updating your website quick and easy. The lack of a CMS is the reason most websites are out of date and outdated  information.  A CMS website empowers your staff to make updates as frequently as you’d like. Companies that want 100% control over their websites must have CMS websites.

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