Do Not Be Ruined by Your Own Wisdom
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Do Not Be Ruined by Your Own Wisdom

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One morning, I went to the director’s office to report to him. Unfortunately, the director went out because of something.

After waiting for a few minutes, I was a little upset. So I picked up a notebook on the desk and began to read. In the notebook was flamboyant daily work summary of every person in the unit. When I turned to the latest one, a draft sandwiched in which caught my interest.

This draft had no title. On the left, the names of all colleagues in the unit were listed in vertical column; on the right were many “positive” signs that had different strokes corresponding with the names on the left. And the strokes had more than 10 at most and 2 or 3 at least. The strange thing was it was blank under his name.

I guess this must be the statistics concerning the days of going to rural areas subsidies last month. Although I do back-office work, I also stole a little leisure from the rush of business and went to the countryside three times. I thought resentfully that who the careless guy was that calling the figures! So, I took advantage of the absence of the director, picking up the oil pen on the table to add three strokes on the right of my name and leaving the office.

When I was about to send a punitive expedition against my colleague, the director came in unexpectedly holding that laptop and announced to have a meeting with his face ashen. I was shocked. Was the just cheating revealed?

At the meeting, I only heard the director opened the notebook and emphasized that: “According to the latest figures provided by Liu Gong, all comrades in our unit have the center has a number of coming to work late and f leaving early behaviors last month... ... for the serious acts of labor discipline, the Secretary office meeting decided that bonuses shall be deducted 50 yuan for each coming late or leaving early!” After that meeting, Liu Gong saw me looked bleak, so he said to me aggrievedly: “Yan Gong, according to my statistics, you’re the only one of the unit who did not arrive late or leave early. Why did the director impose three times to you?”

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