Do not Let Little Things Led by the Nose
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Do not Let Little Things Led by the Nose

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The traffic was bad, and the traffic light was still on the red light. Besides, time is tight. You look at the second hand testily. Finally the green light lit, but the car in front of you delays to start, because the driver did not focus on it. At this time, you angrily rang the horn. That people seems to be dozing at last awakened, and then hastily put up a block. But you are in a few seconds of tension without placing yourself in a happy mood.

U.S. expert who study the stress response Richard Carlson said: “Our anger, 80% are self-inflicted.“ The Californian at the seminar taught people how we not get angry. He also wrote a book on this “Do not waste energy for small things.“ This book is sold for 4.2 million copies in 10 months.

Carlson concluded the ways of prevent the exciting:” Please calm down! To recognize life is unfair. That no man is perfect, nothing will happen as planned.” In addition, Richard Carlson has one golden rule: “Do not let little things led by the nose.“ He said: “To calm, to understand others.“

His advices are in the following:

Learn to listen to the views of others, which not only makes your life more interesting, but others will be more like you; Say to at least one person a day that why you appreciate him; Do not try to hope everything is perfect. As long as you want to search, you will always find flaws. If you look for weakness like this way, not only make you but also make others angry; Do not stubbornly insist on your rights, which is not necessary to spend a lot of energy; Do not always correct others; Often give strangers a smile; Do not interrupt other people’s speech; Do not let others be responsible for your not going well, to accept the fact that things may be unsuccessful - days will not be fall down; Forget the idea of ​​everything to be perfect, your own is not perfect, so life will suddenly become much easier; How to repress angry? At this time, you ask yourself: is the reason still important after a year?

This will make you come to a correct view for a lot of things.

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