Do Not Let Stink Bugs Ruin Your Season
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Do Not Let Stink Bugs Ruin Your Season

Published by: Harry Ross (8)
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Many people would agree that while ants can make you pull your hair out and roaches can make you hop on the nearest chair, stink bugs are the most bothersome pest invasion. Stink bugs are unlike many other pests with the fact that you can go from having none in your home to having hundreds overnight.

Oftentimes, a stinkbug infestation can be so bad you need the assistance of a New Jersey pest control expert like Ross Environmental Solutions, other times they seem to disappear as quickly and as mysteriously as they came. If you are looking for ways to fight back against the stinkbug menace, follow these tips and stay diligent.

When it comes to ridding your home of the devious stink bug, your most powerful weapon is going to be your vacuum cleaner. Hopefully you own a model with a long, stretchy hose that can get bugs that are hiding in the corners of your ceiling. Be sure to look in places like drawers, under desks and near windows. Since stinkbugs can fly, they can get all over your home pretty much instantly after breaking through your initial defence. If you don’t own a vacuum with a detachable hose, try borrowing one or renting one from your local grocer.

Second, you want to head outdoors, check things like doorframes, window frames, crawlspaces and poor caulking for entry points. Stinkbugs, because they fly like to get into the upper areas of the house, so it’s important to make sure that these areas are sealed properly to keep the stinkbugs out. Soffits, attic vent screening, caulking along the chimney and flashing around dormers need to be checked.

When it comes to treating stinkbugs, most folks choose to call New Jersey pest control experts and have them take care of it. If you think you can handle your problem on your own, head to the hardware store and ask specifically for a pesticide that works on stinkbugs. Don’t assume that the first bottle of Raid you grab will work on this particular creature. Begin your treatments outside and concentrate on applying a buffer zone of pesticide around possible entry points. Spray around all windows and all doors. If you find loose screens, fix them as quickly as possible. Not only will this help to keep stinkbugs out, it’ll help with keeping other pests out, as well.

If you happen to experience a heavy rain, be sure to reapply the spray. Stink bug season isn’t that long, but if you get a bad infestation in or around your home, it could feel like a lifetime. By calling a local pest control experts at Ross Environmental Solutions, you’ll have your stinkbug problem taken care of and you’ll receive handy tips on how to handle pest issues in the future. Stinkbugs are a nasty, unwelcomed pest, but they don’t have to ruin your late summer and early fall.

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