Do Not Let Your Love Wait Too Long
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Do Not Let Your Love Wait Too Long

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In general, the person who you like will not necessarily stay by your side, but the people who love you will accompany you for life. We always thought that if we love someone, we will go on loving and wait for life. Even when everyone told us not to obsess for he is not good as you imagine, but we would rather believe the fairy tale woven by ourselves, and we do not want to believe what the people around him said.

We always thought that when we fall in love, we must not change the heart for life, always think we can wait until the fate comes again in somewhere. However, when the two intersecting lines stagger, we will know that we are addictive.

We always thought that if we love someone, we would do anything for him. But as we do not love, we should leave. The person who leaves first is the best one. Watching favorite people being far away, we thought it is life. In this life, we would not love anyone except him.

Heart has been too dumb to feel, and tears have been shed, what is worthy for us waiting for? However, some things are not as fragile as I think. I often ask myself that do I really live without him. Maybe I could say yes now; but after ten days or a month, even a year or longer, what should I do if one day I wake up and say why I cannot let him go before.

In fact, what we do not give up is only a mood, which is the kind of reconcilement. That is, why did you not love me first when I still loved you? Why? You loved me so much before, but now you have become so cold. When asking these words in mind, in fact, we no longer simply love this man, and we just fell in love with ourselves. In the bones, no one is willing to be worse than others, each one wants to own beautiful things, and no one can be comparable.

Fall in love with a person, that is, we actually fall in love with a feeling that only he can give. You do not love a person, because this feeling was gone.

So, why not choose to put this down, for we want to seek our own happiness. You can still take advantage of the time you can love, do not let your love wait too long, as well as do not let your happiness wait too long.

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