Do not Put Your Oral Health at Risk with the Missing Tooth, Opt the Dental Implants
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Do not Put Your Oral Health at Risk with the Missing Tooth, Opt the Dental Implants

Published by: Paulo Pinho (10)
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A study reveals that over half of the population in Australia admits that they would smile more if they have a perfect smile. A smile is the first thing that others notice in you. You can smile confidently only when you have perfect teeth while missing teeth prevents that. Being in a world of social media, even for a selfie you need a pleasant smile; if not, you can’t be able to socialise with others. So this article insists on the importance of replacing a missing tooth and the best replacement method, the dental implants. What Causes Missing Teeth? The common reasons for missing teeth include, - Tooth Decay - Gum Diseases - Dental Injuries - Dental Extractions - Hereditary Dental Diseases Consequences of not replacing your Missing Teeth Missing teeth affect your daily life severely, and at the same time, it touches your general health too. Let’s see the influences of missing teeth, - Bone Loss Your bone cells break down; as a result, the bone tissue releases the minerals and calcium from your bone into the bloodstream making the jaw bone to deteriorate. This bone loss paves the way for infections in your gums and teeth, putting you at the risk of losing even more teeth. - Overloading On The Adjacent Teeth The remaining teeth are loaded with the extra of the missing teeth, eventually, reducing the life of the persisting teeth. - Change In The Facial Features Teeth are the supporting pillar to your facial features. Once the tooth is lost your face starts sagging giving an impression of becoming old, making you lose your confidence. - Hindrance To Your Daily Routine Infections due to the missing tooth create chronic headache, pain, and dullness that affect your daily chores. - Problem While Chewing And Speaking Missing tooth leads to improper chewing, leading to digestion problems. People with missing teeth develop lisp, i.e. difficulty in pronouncing certain words. This inconvenience in pronunciation might become a nightmare while socialising. - Improper Alignment Of Teeth The teeth adjacent to the space start to tilt towards the direction of the missing tooth, making the chewing efficiency to decrease and alignment issues. - TMJ Disorder The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are put under strain due to the misalignment of the teeth, developing discomfort. Best Solution for Missing Teeth Dental implants are the permanent solution for the missing tooth. Also, the cost of dental implants is affordable. The implants act like the tooth root that is inserted in your jaw bone, thus preventing the jaw bone from deteriorating. Thus replace your missing tooth as early as possible with the dental implants.
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