Do Not Worry about the Things That Will Not Happen
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Do Not Worry about the Things That Will Not Happen

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In the past, there was a couple, who always worried about the future. The more they thought about the future, the more they were annoyed. So they often tossed and turned in bed all night, being unable to fall asleep but turning from side to side. Every day, they would worry.

One day, they were worried about being unable to earn more money. The husband said to his wife: “If I have money now, I will buy a few cows.” “Then we can have a lot of milk,” the wife continued, “I can make butter and cheese with milk. Besides, I can send some milk to my sister.” “Send to your sister?” the husband said unhappily, “How can you give the things in our family to others?” “I would just give the extra milk to her,” his wife explained. “We can take the extra milk to the market to sell,” the husband said, “I will not allow you to have such an idea that giving milk to others! In order to prevent you giving milk to your sister without my permission, I will smash all the pots and pans at home!” Saying these, he began to do.

At this time, a neighbor of theirs visited them. Seeing this, the neighbor curiously asked why. When he knew the situation, the neighbor picked up a broom and ran outside, facing the air waving up at random. “What are you doing?” The couple asked because of being puzzled. “I’ll drive away your cows!” the neighbor said, “They have eaten my cucumbers.” “Eat your cucumber?” The couple was very angry, “But your house even doesn’t have a field to plant cucumbers!” “I have a piece of field,” the neighbor said, “If I have a field, I will plant cucumbers.”  After saying these, he went on to wave the broom. Until now, the couple came to understand the neighbor’s intention, so they could not help but blushed.

Some researchers say the incidence of the things that we are worried about for the future is ninety percent. Therefore, we should set foot on the present and do more useful practical work; it is both foolish and very sad to worry about the things that will not happen.

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