Do You Have a Headache for Your Children Surfing Online
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Do You Have a Headache for Your Children Surfing Online

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Do you have children? Do you have a headache for your children surfing online frequently? Yeah, excessive use of the Internet is harmful to people’s health and society. Robert Claut and his colleagues of Mellon University make a personality assessment for some of the subjects after a year or two years of using the Internet. They found that, the more time they spend online, the less communication they have with their loved ones and real-life friends, the less lonely and depressed they may feel at the same time.

Moreover, they will cost a lot of time to chat online, play games, etc. There is no time for them to learn and communicate with friends, and even have no time to sleep. So, they will skip class, stay up all night, and scores drop straightly.

Some experts say that if you surf online for a long time, it’s easy to use up your energy and mental power. Thus it triggers series of results such as frequent headaches, migraine headaches, eye damage and other illness. In my opinion, the first major hazard of youth Internet is that it will affect the vision. According to statistics, the proportion of students who often surf online and get myopia is 60%. Second risk is that the radiation released by the computer, which has very strong damage. So, I think the youth should pay less attention on internet.

Well, after investigation, the Internet may also lead to conflict between parents and children. If the youth enter into some unhealthy websites, it will seriously affect the health of young people, and it is easy for students to go astray, don’t do what he should do, abandoned to learn, but also cause vision decline, lack of sleep and some other related diseases. I claim my view again, the internet has more harm than advantages. Online games affect their normal learning; it will make young people fascinated, and can’t focus on their studies, then give up their studies. This is because young people do not have a strong self-control; parents should help and guide them. So it has more disadvantages than advantages to the youth.

So, do parents know how to treat this thing? If you have not paid attention to this matter, then please focus on it now!

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